Half-Nekkid Thursday : wee turtle

I know, it’s not the racy, sexy, explicit photo you’ve come to expect from me, but it represents a certain intimacy of knowledge, nonetheless.


Roxy gave me this wee turtle not long ago.  She gave it to me because she knows how I feel about turtles and what they symbolize for me.  For me tortoises symbolize long life, patience, endurance and determination.  I often battle impulsiveness and impatience and have to remind myself that ‘slow and steady wins the race’.  Sea turtles remind me that as clumsy as they are on land, when they’re in their own element, they are graceful and strong and confident.  We all have our moments of clumsiness, contexts that we have a hard time fitting into with confidence and grace.  Hopefully, we also have spaces and situations where we feel strong and graceful.

My daughter has picked up on this affinity and she’s always on the watch for turtles of all kinds: toys, figurines, pictures and stories about turtles.  She and I share this love of turtles, it’s one way we bond with each other.    After Spawn2 is born, I’m getting a tattoo featuring sea turtles.. one big one and two babies.

Roxy knows all this, of course.  She knows the symbolism, understands me and what I’m trying to learn from my totem animal.  And so she found this beautiful little turtle for me.   That’s as intimate a gesture as cupping my breast or squeezing my cock.  Maybe more intimate, because it shows how deeply she knows me and loves me, beyond the physical, beyond bump and grind and orgasm. 

Thank you, baby, I’ll treasure it, always.


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