Half-Nekkid Thursday : Warning, Dangerous Curves Ahead

From the first time Roxy and I met in the flesh, our encounters have not been strictly between the two of us.  There’s a constant additional companion, a steady, unemotional witness, a wide-open eye recording us as we proceed from re-introduction, to seduction to climactic finish, over and over again.


At first when she pulled out her camera and asked to take pictures, I was flattered and a bit embarrassed by all the attention.  She doesn’t just take a picture or two to commemorate the occasion, she takes hundreds.  So now it doesn’t surprise me at all that I will look up while she’s fucking the capacity for language out of me and see the camera staring back at me.  In this case, I was in one of my favorite places — between her legs — propped up on my hands.  She was struck by the vision of my breasts hanging above her and the backdrop of our curves behind them.

Baby, yes, you can take my picture, a thousand times yes.  Your exquisite eye for color and texture, subtlety and drama impress me every time.   You’ve captured the beauty and power of our relationship in a way that words can only approximate.. even thousands of them.

Thank you.

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Photo credit to Roxy

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