Fantasy meeting #7 : soul mates

Another in a series of fantasy meetings between Kyle and Roxy, this one is #7:
**imagined conversation between recently reunited souls

Her: hello friend
Him: hello friend, lover, wonderful wonderful woman
Her: special special man

**eyes locking, smiles growing in recognition

Her: *laughing* you look different
Him: hee
Him: well, yeah, centuries on moth balls will do that to a person
Her: Hee
Her: I like the breasts… a very good addition
Him: yeah?  I’m glad you like them
Him: I wasn’t sure
Her: No, they look awesome on you
Him: it was one of those spur of the moment choices
Him: you know, there was a list of options … check check..  yeah, check
Her: You checked “all of the above” didn’t you?
Him: heh **sheepish smile*
Her: You never could just have one thing…had to have them all…
Him: it was a bit impulsive, but you know me
Her: I like it, and, yeah, yeah, I do
Him: you look awesome as always
Her: *big grin* Thank you
Him: your eyes are the same
Her: *shy smile*

** He reaches out to brush the hair away from her face, a familiar, well-remembered gesture..

Him: I love them, I always have
Her: It’s been a long time…I think they’re a little sadder than we last met
Him: well.. time has taken its toll, love
Him: I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you from more of it this time
Him: they’re still beautiful
Him: they still speak so clearly to me
Her: Thank you, love…you are still so very dear to me
Him: being with you is like coming home
Her: yes, yes it is

** They dive into each other’s eyes, shadows of memory flooding them, happy warm feelings threatening to overwhelm them

Him: god, my heart is going to burst my chest
Her: Let me lay my head there…I’ll help hold it in
Him: yeah.. I need to breathe you in.. fill me up, love
Her: Oh, love, I adore you
Him: can you hear how it’s pounding?
Her: Yes **Tum tum tum tum tum TUM TUM TUM TUM**
Him: yeah
Her: I’ve missed you
Her: Thank you for finding me again
Him: I know baby.. I’ve missed you
Him: my heart feels full again, now that you’re where you belong
Her: Yes, the world feels whole again
Him: damn, it feels so good to love you, fully
Her: Yes, yes, yes
Her: It’s like breathing in all the way
Him: oh yeahhhhh, that’s it, exactly
Her: The world is a bit brighter now
Him: yes, it is
Her: Like taking off my shades

** Holding each other close, the world melts away and there is no distance, no space or time between them


(for another view… see what Roxy has to say )

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