Baby Project Update: any time now

My wife’s pregnancy has progressed to that long awaited point at which we can confidently say:  it could happen any time now.

In recognition of that, we got busy yesterday morning with thank you notes for baby gifts, sorting gifts and gear we’ve retrieved from our stash, getting things ready for when the baby arrives.  I went up into the attic and pulled down the baby bath, swing, stroller and some other items.  I’ve cleaned everything up so they’re ready to be marked by the new one’s hands.  While cleaning up the stroller, I found an ancient stash of Cheez-its that my eldest never re-claimed.    No, we didn’t test them for edibility.

I know the time to do this kind of work is now, while I’m motivated, have the energy and care.  Because as soon as we bring the baby home, I’ll stop caring about a lot of things.  For a while, I’ll stop caring if I’ve bathed or if I’ve been walking around all day with baby spit-up on my shirt.  The kitchen will disappear under a layer of dirty dishes and the floors will be grungy.  Clothing will be left wherever it is removed, the living room will become the nursery and hopefully the cats will survive our lack of attention for their needs.  For a while, the internet will be much less fascinating than my new child.  Ditto for porn and wanking.. well, they may not be less fascinating, but I probably won’t have the energy or the attention span.  For a while, my need to eat or entertain myself will be over-shadowed by the needs of the new person in our house.  Ditto my need for sleep, adult conversation and adult beverage…. well, again, the need will be there, but the time and opportunity will not be so plentiful.

Right now we’re ready, willing and able to take this new family member on.  I’m not sure I’m ready for my wife in labor, the demands of our family for information or the needs of our elder child for attention.  I feel much more ready to care for our baby than I do for the process of bringing it into the world.  But my wife is confident and, by gord, she’s holding on until she’s darned good and ready.   People keep asking how she’s doing, and suggest maybe she’d like to just have the darned thing now, to keep from dealing with the discomfort, lack of bladder space and various pains any longer.  The answer is no, she’s not in any hurry.  She feels very strongly we won’t be going to the hospital before the end of next week.  And if  you knew my wife, you’d know that’s a pretty solid prediction.  She’s an excellent project manager and very determined when it comes to time lines.

I don’t know when this baby is coming, but I know when the time comes, my wife and I will handle it the way we always do:  in a determined manner accompanied by some well-placed curse words and well-earned praise for all involved.

We’re ready for you, Spawn2, come meet your family.  You’ve got a big sister, two moms, 5 grandparents, cousins, loads of aunts and uncles and extended family all over the country.  I’m sure the cats will be thrilled to get to know you as well.  I know you’ll come when you’re darned good and ready,   but you should know we’re pretty excited about your arrival.   Not to put too much pressure on  you, but you are the culmination of years of planning and hard work.  You represent the completion of our family and I hope you’ll feel as excited about joining us as we are about you getting here.

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