Almost There!

(Hello from Roxy – Kyle asked me to post a quick update on Spawn 2 – The Wait That Ate Washington.  Wouldn’t that make an awesome flick?)

The wait is almost over.  Kyle and the Mrs. headed into the hospital last night around 9, after a long day of contractions and waiting.  (Kyle texted me throughout the day excitedly with specifics – an engineer through-and-through, he was all about the numbers.  I had an image of him waiting expectantly with a headlamp, quadrile pad, and a pair of calipers, ready to measure and record every detail of the day.)  At the hospital, the contractions got harder, especially hitting her hard in the neck and shoulder and, early this morning, after 12 hours of labor, they decided on an epidural and some pain relief, which allowed both Kyle and the Mrs. to get a little rest.  Having been in that situation myself, I know what a wonderful gift that relief can be.

(For those who are curious, at this writing, the doctor had broken her water and she was at 6 cm.)

Spawn 1 will be visiting them today in the hospital, and there’s a small group of relatives and friends who have been by their side all night.  Kyle sounds excited and exhausted, and very much in love with his wife.  Childbirth is one of those wonderful opportunities in life to see the hero inside your partner, to marvel at the strength you didn’t know you or your partner possessed, and, after almost more than you thought you could take, the most glorious thing imaginable happens –

you are given a precious new person to love and cherish and introduce to the world.

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