My date last Saturday

I drove a couple of hours last Saturday, winding my way along the coast, enjoying the sun and the natural beauty of the Puget Sound. It was a great day for a road trip and at the other end of the road a woman was awaiting my arrival.

I got slightly lost at the very end of my drive and I blame Google maps for that, but I was able to call her and arrive not to much later than I’d intended. She waved at me from her front door as I crept by looking for the right house number. Her place is so wonderfully different than my home. A small, tidy beach house surrounded by a sea of long grass, flowers and random dill clumps. It was quiet, wonderfully, blissfully amazingly quiet. Even on a day I consider quiet at home, there’s traffic noise and loud neighbor kids and some sort of small gas engine running in the neighborhood.

I stowed my stuff inside and she showed me around. Basic small beach house with a large open front room rising to the ceiling and a small kitchen and bath. A ladder led to a loft and her small sleeping space. She went up to find her cat and I followed her. Before long my hand was under her skirt and we were getting reacquainted.

We went to dinner at one of her favorite places and had a great time catching up on the details of our lives. We went back to her place and had a wonderfully sexual and sensual night together. Grapes and cherries, chocolate bars — dark for me (she remembered), candle light and glorious skin-on-skin contact. I’m still sometimes lost in wonder that some women will let me touch their naked bodies as much as I want to, I can’t over emphasize how really cool that is. When our heads finally fell back on the pillows for sleep, I was out quickly. It was so wonderfully quiet and my “mom senses” got to take a night off. We woke a couple of times in the early morning.. hard to stay asleep with a lovely naked body next to me .. and by true morning, I was pretty hungry. She knew just the cure, taking me to her favorite place for coffee and breakfast. It was a really cool, funky place run by a couple, with kids roaming about freely. The food was awesome and so was the coffee (from the Olympia Coffee Roasting Company, so how could it not be wonderful).

Before too long, it was time for me to point my truck south and aim for home. All in all it was a lovely interlude with a lovely woman and her very sweet cat. It was a sweet interlude and one that won’t be repeated, at least not with her. She wrote me a very nice ‘Dear Kyle’ letter on Monday explaining that she really couldn’t do the poly thing, that she really didn’t want to share. I appreciate her honesty and wish her the best in her future endeavors. She’s really a wonderful, sexy and smart woman and deserves to find that special someone who will adore and cherish her, and place her above all others.


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