Microfantasy Monday, week 33 : “Daddy”

 Ang at Sweltering Celt has given us the theme for our Microfantasy Monday posts this week — Daddy, in honor of Father’s Day.

 For this week’s theme, two distinct directions occurred to me almost simultaneously.  One erotic and taboo, the other completely non-sexual, but a fantasy nonetheless.  The latter is a fantasy cultivated by the man in me, my masculine energy, a part of me that doesn’t struggle to dominate but does want to have its moments in the sun.   


I had a dream the other night, a dream I didn’t really want to wake up from.  I was stretched out in my recliner, watching a baseball game through my eyelids, enjoying a long weekend afternoon without any urgent matters to attend to.  I heard approaching footsteps, a small person had walked up and was now climbing onto my lap. Partially opening one eye, I saw tousled brown hair, mischievous eyes and a wide grin. 

“Daddy, are you awake?”  I merely grunted in response.

“Daddy, wake up.. I’m gonna teekle you if you don’t.”  It was hard to keep the corners of my mouth down.  “Come on, Daddy.. teekle teekle….”

“Oh yeah?  You’re going to ‘teekle’ me, huh?”   Opening my eyes and growling like a bear, I began tickling this imp of sleeplessness. Little fingers sought out my ribs and the crook of my neck, attempting to get some tickles of his own in.  Soon we were catching our breath, his small, warm body sprawled across mine. 

“Daddy?  I want to tell you something.”

“Yeah, buddy, what is it?”

“Happy Father’s day, Daddy.  I love you”  I could feel my heart swell at those words.  I woke up with the feeling of my son, his arms wrapped around my neck, his sweet face next to mine and for a moment, just a moment, I could feel that alternate reality as if it were mine to keep.  And it felt good, really, really good.

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