Microfantasy Monday, week 31 : conflict

Ang at Sweltering Celt has given us the following set of provocative words as inspiration for our Microfantasy Monday posts this week –  Disquiet, Contradiction, Conflict, Unease.

(this continues a story begun in an earlier Microfantasy Monday post, week 18: Flame)

He was a lot like the boys I usually fell for, guys with a dangerous edge, guys who acted like they didn’t care about anything, guys nothing like the ones my parents would like to see me with.  And he had the extra attraction of being a girl, someone I wasn’t supposed to fall for at all.  He became an obsession.  I figured out most of his class schedule and would rush from Trig so I could be in the hallway when he came out of English, and so on throughout the day.  At first he didn’t seem to notice me, the same way he didn’t seem to notice anything around him.  But one day, as I was following him down the hallway, admiring his ass in those tight jeans and the thick leather belt he always wore, he suddenly stopped and turned to face me.  I nearly skidded to a stop to avoid running into him.

“Ok, why are you always following me?” his low husky growl had the disquieting effect of making my knees weak, my heart pound and my pussy wet.  And the way his eyes drilled into me gave me the impression that he would read right through any flimsy excuse I attempted.

But I made the attempt nonetheless.  “I, uh, was just heading to, uh…” but stopped when a knowing leer appeared on his face.

“Never mind, I already know.  Come with me.” And with that he grabbed my arm and pulled me down the hallway, out toward the parking lot.  I thought about resisting, even pulled back for a moment as we neared his car.  He grunted a dismissive laugh and pushed me up against the passenger side door.  “If you want to say ‘no’, now is the time to do it.  Once you get in my car, you’ve made your decision.”

A hundred reasons to say ‘no’ flew through my mind in an instant.  I would be missing my next class. What would my friends think?  I really didn’t know him, where would he take me?  The one thing that didn’t raise much of a red flag in my mind was his gender.  About that, I felt just the barest sense of conflict in my mind.

I made my decision.  I removed his hand from my arm, and reached out to grab the door handle.

“Let’s go then.”

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