I’ve got a date tonight

Very shortly, I’ll jump into my truck and head out of town for a date night with the new, lovely woman in my life.  She’s a sexy femme with great style and intelligence.  And, no, it’s not someone I’ve told y’all about before, and I’ve really been holding out because this is our second date.

For our first date, she drove down to meet me one evening and we had a wonderful time.  I took her to dinner at the QB and we spent time getting to know each other, flirt, touch and laugh.  Then we went dancing at Jake’s and had some wonderfully intimate moments in the booth and on the dance floor.  Then I introduced her to the back seat of my car before kissing her goodnight and goodbye.

We really didn’t know each other well before that night, having emailed a lot but only spoken on the phone once or twice.  She contacted me after discovering Butchtastic, to let me know that she loved the writing and loved butches and did I happen know any sexy, smart, available butches in my area?   I honestly did consider the butches I know before offering myself as a potential date.  And I completely honest about the circumstances of my life, my baggage, and went to list all the stuff going on that made additional involvements tricky.. it was the kind of list that I figured would scare off most people.  Not her, though, she was determined.  Even though she’s ultimately looking for an exclusive lover/girlfriend/partner, she wasn’t adverse to having fun with a partially available guy like me.

We’ve established an intimate friendship with lots of clear boundaries, allowing us to have fun without unnecessary drama.  She has goals and needs for partnership that I won’t ever be able to fill, and we aren’t harboring any illusions otherwise.  We both have needs with regard to sex and intimacy and we can help each other meet those needs.  This is a very new way of interacting for me:  a serial monogamist turned polyamorist with a tendency to fall in love with everyone I get involved in.  I’m excited by the possibility that I can have a casual sexual friendship and, of course, I’ll let you all know how it goes.

I’ve ironed my dress shirt, got my stuff packed for a night of fun and I’m just about ready to go.  I’m really excited to see each her again and I’m looking forward to being her guest.  It’s a sunny day, great for a little road trip.

Have a great weekend, y’all.  Catch you on the flip side.

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