Half-Nekkid Thursday : the color purple

Last Friday, I drove down to Portland to meet Amber (@bailar_vivir) and Emmet (@friendtopups), who had come up so Emmet could take his vet tech certification test.  It was the first time we’d met, but it didn’t take long before I was very comfortable with them both.  We went out to dinner and drinks, after playing a bit in the hotel room.  Returning to the room, play continued and before long, I was sporting some fresh, purple marks:


Amber has a paddle made of thin flexible metal, covered in leather… quite effective as paddles go but it’s the wrist band that caused all this damage.  She flicked that thin leather loop wickedly, catching me off guard and even inspiring an impromptu dance of pain.

Amber and I are both switches, so I also got my turn, introducing her to my Belt of Doom and playing other fun games with her and Emmet.

I’m looking forward to when we can do it again.

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photo credit to Emmet… probably 😉

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