Half-Nekkid Thursday : gettin some

There’s not a lot of subtlety to this shot, but I like it a lot.. me poised on top of the cock, her guiding it to its destination

the blissful, excruciating anticipation of that moment

feeling the pressure, holding off for a second


and finally, being filled

holding it for a second

then unable to hold off

fucking her with all my power

holding the bedframe

praying it would hold

both of us gritting our teeth with effort

gasping, growling, howling

and, and, anddddd… ohgodyesOHGODYES ..YESSSSSSSSSSSSS.. NGGGGGGgnnngggngngngngn

mmmm yesssss ….. yess.. baby babybabybaby… mmmmm


I feel better now, how bout you? >;-)


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photo credit to MrRoxy

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