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Amber, at Divergent Dance, just clued me in to the Sexy Blogger Award she deemed me sexy enough to receive.  Thank you, beautiful. 

But I don’t get to just rest on my laurels, sexy as they may be, I need to do some work here.  Specifically, I need to tell you all about 5 things I find sexy about myself.  And you know what?  A year ago or more, I would have been loath to even say one thing.  You might wonder, what’s the difference, Kyle, what’s changed?  Well, I’ve been in therapy of sorts, praise-giving lover therapy, to be specific.  It started with Jaz, showering me with praise and pushing through my barriers to convince me I should believe good things about myself.  To believe that I’m attractive and sexy.  Roxy has continued this course of treatment, getting me to send pictures of myself to her every day and lavishing me with positive words.  And I mustn’t forget my lovely blog readers and twitter tweeps who have also been very generous in their priase.  The therapy has gone so well, in fact, that I do recognize there are things about me others find sexy…  oh, wait, that’s not quite right.  I’m supposed to say “Yes, I do believe I’m sexy” and not wrap it in caveats and dodges and apologies. 

And to show how far I’ve come,  I’m going to give you 5 things I think are sexy about me:

1.  My eyes.  They’re big and green and expressive.  And I can do sexy, suggestive things with my eyebrows, too.

2. My legs.  I’ve always liked my legs, they’re strong and muscular and capable. 

3. My voice.  I have good range for singing or speaking.  I know that on the phone I’m capable of lowering panties, wetting pussies and making my lover squirm.

4. My ass.  I must concede that it looks pretty good nude and in jeans.  And I know it’s a sexy mass of muscle to beat.

5. My playful attitude.  I can be very solid and serious when needed but most of the time I’m playful, flirty and irreverent.  And chicks dig that.

Well, now that I’ve bragged on myself, it’s time to spread the love and call upon others to tell us about their sexiness. (Amber already tagged Roxy, but you know she’d be the first person on my list otherwise).

1. Natt Nightly:  tall, dark and handsome, this New York butch makes me cry with the honesty and beauty of what he writes.  

2. Naughty Eliot:  this perverted virgin is sexy for being unapologetically herself and she’s one of my favorite smut writers.  Reading her smut makes my pants tight.

3. FemmeBLT: a new fave of mine, this femme is sexy and smart.  I love and am challenged by her honesty and the open way she shares the difficulties and rewards of being in a relationship with the FTM love of her life, HTB.

4. Sweetspice .. as she says on her blog “Spicy with a touch of sweetness”  and that is a very accurate description.  She has added much playful sexiness to my daily Twitter feed and she has a lovely way with words.

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