Shout outs … full of myself again

I want to point you in the direction of some great writing by some people I like a whole lot, and ok, it doesn’t hurt that they’re writing about me.

Yeah, this is another episode of “Kyle is Very Damned Full of Himself”

First up, NaughtyEliot wrote an RRF (reader requested fantasty) called Truly Butchtastic starring her and I, it’s hot .. don’t read it unless you’re ready to squirm.  It was really interesting to see her interpretation of me, we know each other online but have never met.  She was uncannily accurate in depicting me and how I would behave under the circumstances she wrote about.

The second shout out goes to my sweet lover Roxy who was filled with poetry after my visit this weekend.  She came back home after seeing me off at the airport and found various traces of my visit, which inspired Lingering.  Monday morning she wrote Gender Fuck, an excellent example of her writing prowess as she describes having sex with the girl inside the boy wrapped in a woman’s body — my multi-gendered self.  Her writing leaves me stunned and breathless.  This one is also a squirm inspiring piece, readers beware.

And, yes I know, I slacked off yesterday and didn’t get a Microfantasy Monday piece written.  So I’m going to do it today and y’all can beat me for my tardiness if you feel the need.

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