Reviewing: Miracle Massager vs. Hitachi

My contact at Tabu Toys asked me if I’d reviewed the Hitachi yet, because she’d love to send me one and have me write it up.  I explained that I had one, a birthday gift in fact (thanks, Roxy).  So then she said she could send me a Miracle Massager and I could do a comparison of the two.

So here’s my Head to Head, Heavy Weight, Vibrator Review


First off, the Hitachi is more powerful on its highest setting, and has a larger bulb.  The Miracle Massager is lighter weight and for some, it’s two settings will have plenty of power — I’ve heard plenty of people say the highest Hitachi setting was simply too much.  Not for me, I use the lower setting as a warm up and then finish myself off with the higher.

The Hitachi comes with various accessories that can be slipped over the bulb to add penetration to the experience.  The Miracle Massager also comes with fun additions.  The one Tabu sent with my Massager looks a bit wicked, but it is absolutely fabulous.  The center protrusion fits nicely inside my pussy while the “dual tantalizers” fit nicely against my clit and anus.  I turn it up to its highest power and rock that baby to nirvana.  Oh, and it looks a little like the hilt of a sword and so gains +5 geek points.



  • Miracle Massager is less expensive, has great accessories
  • Has an ergonomic, flexible, handle and is lighter than Hitachi 
  • Has two speeds, the High speed being roughly equivalent to the Hitachi’s low speed


  • Miracle Massager not strong enough to drive me to orgasm all by itself, but it has the accessory to do the job
  • Accessories are Jelly which could contain pthalates (which a lot of people want to avoid for potential health risks)

The bottom line for me is that the Miracle Massager alone can’t vibrate me to the ultimate happiness.  I’m a heavy vibration kinda guy.  However, this is exactly why it might be a great choice for someone who views the Hitachi as a bully.  That said, the Miracle Massager plus the dual-tantalizer accessory is very very very satisfying.  And if, on a particular night, it isn’t getting the job completely done, I can always reach under the bed for the Hitachi.. and yeah, using them both at once is out of this world.

The Miracle Massager gets 3.5 out of 5 boots:




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