Microfantasy Monday, week 29 : Sunlight

Microfantasy Monday is a weekly writing exercise brought to us by Ang, the Sweltering Celt. This week’s theme is “Sunlight“.

(I know I’m late *again*.. I enjoyed a very lazy slacker Monday.. bite me again, please  😉

When I think of her, I think of sunshine.  I picture the way sunlight turns her hair into spun gold, the suntan lines from her sunglasses, the way sunlight collects in her eyes and her smile.

We’re walking on a beach, she’s taken my hand to lead me away from the crowded areas.  We spread out a blanket.  She kicks off her sandals and pulls me down, laughing, light pouring from her, threatening the dominance of the sun itself.  She squints up at me and I move to block its direct gaze, making a shady place for her.

I lean down to kiss her lips, soft, firm, sweet and salty, she is the beach and the sun and the gulls crying overhead.  She is my beach and my waves crash against her, again and again.

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