Microfantasy Monday, week 26 : Skin

This week’s Microfantasy Monday theme ‘Skin’ is brought to you by me, Pervy Uncle Kyle.  Our beloved Ang of SwelteringCelt will be back next week (hopefully) after taking care of some family business.  And so I bring you, my thoughts on Skin.

She’s stretched out on the bed, relaxed and satisfied.  Her skin beckons me, begs me to reach out and touch, stroke, pet, feel.  I run my fingertips idly from her ankle to her knee, feeling the minute evidence of her most recent shave.  She giggles and swats at me, trying to ward off the ticklish sensation.  I marvel at the softsmooth back of her knee in contrast to the slightly rougher front side.  I wonder how it feels to her, to have my slightly calloused fingers drag themselves across her thighs, and the answer comes in the form goosebumps springing up. 

She sighs as I stroke the skin of her breast with the back of my hand, veins and hairs adding texture to my touch.  Turning my hand over, my fingernails graze her, creating fleeting lines across her chest.  She sighs and pushes up against me, wanting more.   I happily give that to her, creating shallow furrows, from sternum to belly button as she groans in pleasure.  My mind considers the various ways I can add color to her skin, the degrees of sensation possible on and through this thin wrapper we have around our selves. 

I pray time will stop it’s merciless march, I don’t want this to end, I have every thing I want in this moment.  I don’t want her to move, I don’t need her to do anything except make her luscious skin available to me, to my roving fingertips, my hungry lips, my thirsty tongue.


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