Microfantasy Monday, week 26’s theme: Skin

Our wonderful SwelteringCelt is away on family business right now, so I’m taking the initiative as Microfantasy Monday’s Pervy Uncle Kyle to promote this weeks theme: Skin

Post your story, put a comment here so that others can find it.  For more information about the ‘rules’ click the graphic below.


Take care, Ang!

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15 Responses to Microfantasy Monday, week 26’s theme: Skin

  1. PsycheDiver says:

    Panda told me to post a link here. I’m new at this.


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  3. SweetSpiced says:

    Thanks for setting this up Kyle! Happy MfM folks.
    Sunkissed Skin

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  5. FemmeBLT says:

    My thanks as well. I was pondering this all afternoon. My post is up. enjoy!


  6. Kyle says:

    and now mine as well: http://www.butchtastic.net/?p=1359

    thanks to everyone who participated this week, woohoo!

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  9. lowflykiwi says:

    Wondered what happen to Sweltering Celt. Hope all is well in her world. Tuesday here now but will see if I can post a MfM before Wednesday 😉

  10. lowflykiwi says:

    Yay!! Made it before it was Wednesday here 😉 Hope you enjoy…


  11. saintchick says:

    I’m a nerd-ass. I listed mine on your mfm..
    (Not happy with it, but I did it.

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