gettin mushy on twitter…

Twitter is fun for keeping up with friends and events.  It’s a place to chat and play and flirt.  And for Roxy and I, a place to get downright mushy sometimes.. putting our followers in danger of diabetic comas and other ailments.


sroxy –> @ButchtasticKyle *Blowing kisses back* You’re pretty special, too
ButchtasticKyle –> @sroxy **catching kisses and plastering them all over my body *** mmm love love your kisses 🙂
sroxy –> @ButchtasticKyle I think you missed a spot *kiss lick suck*
ButchtasticKyle –> @sroxy oh yeah, i’m really bad about that.. can you take a few more hours making sure all my spots get kissed, baby?
sroxy –>ButchtasticKyle That might take awhile, love…whatcha doin’ for the next 50 years?
ButchtasticKyle –> @sroxy the next 50 years?.. i was thinking I’d spend some of that with you.. whatcha think, darlin? could we work out installments?
sroxy –>@ButchtasticKyle Hmmm…installments would be wonderful…I’m not sure I could take more than a few days at a time… #deathbyorgasm
ButchtasticKyle –> @sroxy baby, I promise to resuscitate you every single time 🙂

nattnightly –>@ButchtasticKyle ::shakes head:: Gay, gay, gay. #kyletriesoutbadbaywatchpickuplines
sroxy: @NattNightly @ButchtasticKyle Oh, they work so unbelievably well on me…I had sex with him the first time I met him in the flesh! 😉

sroxy –> @ButchtasticKyle LOL Oh, well, then…do your worst. Repeatedly.
ButchtasticKyle –> @sroxy let’s set a record for #deathbyorgasm followed by resuscitationbyoralcontact…
sroxy –>ButchtasticKyle Oooh – that’s a record I’d be happy to set with you, darlin’

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