she’s coming, again

In less than 70 hours, I’ll be on the freeway, driving north toward the airport, eagerly anticipating my first glimpse of Roxy in 2 and a half months.  Well, we’ve seen each other many times through our monitors, but this is different.  This time, when I see her and start salivating in anticipation of her mouth on mine, I’ll actually get to kiss her, instead of just wiping the corner of my mouth.

This is a bonus visit.  We already had planned our reunion for May, with me flying down to visit her.  But we got impatient and with willing partners and budgets, here we are hours away from touching each other again.  Not content with the anticipation we’re already feeling at this point, she’s decided to up the ante.  She asked me to save my orgasms until we were together on Friday.  She asked me this yesterday, saying I could have one last night but after that, nada.  I really had to think about it because I wank nearly every night and get off at least once if not twice.  But I said yes, full well knowing that she would torment me though text and twitter, phone and photo before we were together on Friday.  And I have not been disappointed.

As in January, we’re very excited, but we’re much more relaxed.  The Kyle and Roxy thing works, we’ve proven it and we’ve sustained our relationship since then.  We know we can have fun going anywhere or doing anything.  We know a lot more about each other and we’re still discovering new things, still thrilled by each encounter.

I’m going to show her around my home town this time.  I want her to see my haunts, my favorite bars, where I go dancing, where I like to order tequila, as well as, ahem … certain alleyways.  I want her to see my life, so that when we’re talking on the phone she has a picture in her mind of where I am.  She’s also coming to my soccer game, to watch me get tough in the goal.

I want to show her off.  This is my home turf, these are my people.  I want to walk down my streets with her.  I want to introduce her to friends, tell her stories about my life illustrated by the scenes around us.  I’ve only planned a rough draft of what we’ll do during this visit.  I want to write the final version with her, playing off each moment, each kiss, each smile.  I also know that we could start with a blank sheet and write the most beautiful, sexy story together.

And, damn, I’m gonna be so horny by the time I see her at the airport.

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