Reviewing: Rec Sex by Em and Lo

As a change of pace, a few weeks back I requested a book from Babeland for review. Rec Sex: an A-Z guide to Hooking Up by Em and Lo looked like it would be entertaining, informative and fun.  And I was right.


This is great little book, suitable for bedside reading, a fun reference to have around and share with your non-prude friends at your next social gathering.  Depending on the number and age of small people in your house, it would also be great for bathroom reading.  This book is billed as a ‘sexy lexicon’ and was written by Em and Lo (Emma Taylor and Lorelei Sharkey) of, where they write about ‘Sex, Love and Everything Inbetween”

As stated on the back cover, this handy A-Z guide supposedly “.. defines every term, phrase and phonomenon associated with recreational sex.”  I think it’s pretty thorough with regard to kink and straight sex terms, but there are some missing, like ‘stone butch’ and ‘pillow princess’.  In fact, queerness as a whole is largely missing from this lexicon, with no mention of butch or femme, packing, strap-ons, etc.  The only exceptions I found were LUG (Lesbian Until Graduation) and there are a couple of references to bisexuality.  I guess we’ll have to watch for a queer version of this book to fill in those blanks.

Even with those gaps, this book is very entertaining.  It isn’t a dry, boring dictionary, at all.  The authors serve up healthy portions of humor and wisdom along the way.  One example, from the definition for “Contraception”:

Birth control, which includes condoms, … bad pickup lines, the Clapper lighting system, and John Tesh compositions.”

or this one for “Discreet“:

“Code word, usually used in the realm of online personals, that loosely translates as ‘I am a lying, cheating, scheming, selfish person who’s promised someone my undying loyalty and commitment, but I am willing to turn my back on that for a blow job.”

Other favorite terms or entertaining definitions: cereal sex, comfort cock, fucksimile, Google goggles, juggling, terror sex, third-base coach, sexile, unicorn.

I recommend this book for humor, information and because it’s not terribly expensive (around $15).  Whether you want to entertain your friends, impress people with your breadth of knowledge or remind yourself how out of the loop you are with regard to recreational sex rituals — it’s all there in a tidy, attractive package. I’ll give it 4 out of 5 boots



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