MM: Silence, Part 2

(because sometimes ‘micro’ isn’t enough.. see yesterday’s post for the beginning…)

“Be quiet!  Don’t move, don’t say a word” I growled this against the back of her head in a voice I’d been practicing all week, hoping she wouldn’t recognize it too easily.

“No, please, no!” She struggled, trying to turn and look at me, but I couldn’t let her, it had go exactly as planned.  Pushing even harder against her with my body, keeping my hold on her hair, I reached up and put my other hand over her mouth, squeezing her jaw just a little too hard.

“Mmmfff” she yelped in pain.

“Silence!” I pitched my voice into a low snarl and gripped her hair even tighter.  I could feel a sob go through her body, but she didn’t make a sound.  “You will not make a sound, you will not turn around.  This can go quickly if you cooperate.  If not, I’ll go right back into that bar and tell your boyfriend what happened.. and that you asked for it.”

A shocked shudder went through her body and then she was very still.  I could feel her shallow panting breaths, imagined her heart racing.

“Yes.  You did ask for it, didn’t you?”  I almost purred the words, then paused letting the meaning of them register in her mind.  “You asked for this, loud and clear.”

A half-sob and her ass pressing into my crotch was her answer.  Her palms were braced against the top of the car.   Releasing her mouth, I reached under her skirt, using my fingernails on the backs of her thighs.  I felt her through her panties, squeezed her lips together and felt the liquid of her desire on my fingers.  She gasped but didn’t protest, her ragged breathing becoming deeper, her hips moving a fraction.  I reached into my pocket and then held something in front of her face.  The blade came out with a smooth ‘snick’ and she shuddered again.  My answer was a dark chuckle and my hand went back under her skirt.

“Don’t move.. I’d hate to cut that pretty skin.”  My snarl was dark and behind it the hint that I didn’t really care either way.

The backside of my knife slid slowly against her skin and under the elastic of her black lace panties.  The sharpened blade split them open effortlessly and I placed the closed knife back in my pocket before yanking her panties off and stuffing them in as well.

Keeping her hair in my fist, I quickly unbuckled, unzipped and pulled my hard cock out.  Pushing myself between her legs, spreading them open, I pulled her hips away from the car and plunged into her without warning, without preamble.

The gasping moan she made was music to my ears.  Pulling her hair back, gripping her hip tightly, I fucked her hard, harder than I had in a long time.  The wet sound of my cock slamming into her pussy broke the silence of our immediate surroundings.  I could feel my climax approaching, could tell from her breathing, and the way she thrust against me, that she was close, too.  I reached around her body and found her clit, squeezing it between my fingers.

“Ohhhhgodyes” was her reply, then I slammed her hard against the car, violently knocking the wind out of her.  My thrusts grew longer, slower and deeper, pressing her pussy against my fingers and the cold metal of the car door.  Her muscles got tense and I could hear her fingernails scraping the dark blue paint.  The throb behind my cock grew more intense, I wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer.

I thrust hard into her, holding myself against her, and her against the car, “You’re going to come for me,” I told her as I pulled partway out and pushed it back in slowly.

“You’re going to come on my dick when I push it deep inside you.”  A long, slow pull out this time, only my cockhead remained inside her.  She gave me a whimpered sob in reply.

“Now! “  Growling, I slammed into her with the full force of my body, digging my toes in and pressing upward between her legs, lifting her to her toes and then dropping suddenly downward,  slamming her down on my dick.

“Ahhhh”  She began to wail and I quickly clamped my hand over her mouth.

We grunted through our orgasms and finished pressed against the car, my thighs quivering, both of us panting from exertion.  I pulled out quickly and was zipped and buckled in a moment. I smoothed her skirt over her ass and chuckled softly.

She started to turn toward me, but I stopped her with a hand against the side of her head.  “Don’t.  I’m leaving. You stay here for a minute or two. Don’t you dare call out, or follow me.”  I emphasized this by pushing her face against the cold metal again.  I slipped her keys back into her hand and turned on my heel, jogging quickly between the parked cars and out of sight.

It took her a full 15 minutes to return to the bar.  I was actually becoming a bit concerned.  I sipped my beer and watched the door and there she was finally, her eyes wide and her hair still a bit mussed.  She saw me and I grinned, raising one eyebrow.  She ran one hand down the back of her skirt, smoothing it, and I could feel the heat on my face and a hard pulse between my legs.

I reached out to her and she slid into the booth beside me.  As we kissed, I could smell her sex, feel the damp sweat still in her hair.  She dove into my mouth like something wild.  Catching our breath, I said, “Happy anniversary, dear, having a good evening so far?”

She looked at me through half-lidded eyes and licked her lips, smiling her meat-eater smile.  “Oh, yes, so far I’ve gotten everything I’ve asked for, love.”

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