Microfantasy Monday, week 25 : suction

Microfantasy Monday is a weekly writing exercise brought to us by Ang, the Sweltering Celt. This week’s theme is “Suction”

She’s leaning against the wall and I’m leaning into her with my hips. We’re creating a bottleneck along the catwalk, the club is crowded and noisy and people are squeezing by us.  I’m barely aware of anyone else, though, my universe is limited to her and specifically, her lips.  She’s taking long, slow deliberate drinks, lips pursed around the straw, eyes taunting me, finally draining the glass and setting it aside. My palms are against the wall, holding myself back but as I look into her eyes, I can feel her desire pulling me in. Soon my fingers are in her hair and my mouth is on hers. Our tongues dart around, teasing, testing, probing and then she takes hold of mine, sucking it firmly into her mouth. I flash on the image of her lips wrapped around the straw of her drink and how I wondered what it would feel like to have those lips wrapped around me.

I’m falling into her, unable to stop myself, her mouth drawing me in deeply. My mind is spinning, the only thing in that noisy, crowded bar I can focus on is her.  She’s a whirlpool and I’ve given in, not fighting to stay above water anymore, letting the suction pull me down.


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