Microfantasy Monday, week 23 : growth

Microfantasy Monday is a weekly writing exercise brought to us by Ang, the Sweltering Celt. This week’s theme is “Growth” and this is my humble offering:

“Baby, oh god, are you sure you didn’t grow a dick?”

I glanced down at myself before I realized how silly that was, then chuckled softly. I continued to thrust my pubic mound into your pussy, increasing the power and speed until I was pounding into you. My breath turned ragged, you began to clench and spasm even as my hold on the edge of the mattress became a death grip. I slowed the pace, pressing firmly and holding my position, then shifting up, down, around. You gasped and moaned as your face twisted in climax.

I slowed the pace, but didn’t stop. I could very clearly feel myself inside you, feel my cock sliding in and out, slowly, deeply. The heat was building between us again, your thighs squeezing me, your hands gripping my shoulders, and suddenly it hit, I felt my clit slide across yours and heard myself cry out as my muscles went rigid, as if an electric current had passed between the two of us. I pressed into you and we moved together in a sweet rhythm that had me moaning and gasping, until a high pitched wail signaled my climax. I could feel your muscles squeezing me, milking me dry, holding me inside you. Your eyes opened and you looked at me in wide-eyed wonder. I knew you could feel it, too. The physical sensation of me buried inside of you was our mutual creation, our collaborative effort, something we both knew did not exist but was very real in that moment. This cock that we created together, the one that grew out of our passion, was better than anything I could strap on, better than anything money could buy.


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