Microfantasy Monday, week 22 : Cards

Microfantasy Monday is a weekly writing exercise brought to us by Ang, the Sweltering Celt. This week’s theme is “Cards” and this is my humble offering:


The deep-throated throb of the motorcycle brought me to the window. My friend, in the kitchen preparing dinner, called out, “That’ll be JT. Mind getting the door?”

I opened the door to a leather clad butch with buzzed hair the color of steel wool, shot through with white. “J-Jessica?” I blurted, before a coherant thought could form in my head.

“Oh, I see Angie didn’t tell you. How you doin, Squirt?” She smiled and chucked me on the shoulder on her way into the living room.

Angie came out of the kitchen with a tray of appetizers and beers. “Surprise! It’s just like the old days, huh?”

Just like the old days … the three of us hanging out, riding our bikes all over the neighborhood, confiding in each other. The sound of playing cards in bike spokes came back to me, rrrattatattattattaaatt-t-t-t… We all put cards in our spokes and pretended we had motorcycles, but hers always ended up looking and sounding cooler, like everything she did. Jessica was a little older and more sure of herself. I loved being around her, wanted to be just like her. I remember the rides she used to give me, behind her on the banana seat, and I felt a blush grow on my cheeks. I recalled quite clearly the feeling i got between my legs as I pulled up close to her, and the feeling of her hips as she pumped the bike pedals.

I could hear the knowing smile in her voice as it broke my revery,”Hey, K, wanna go on a ride later, for old times sake?”

Angie looked at my face and giggled as my blush grew.


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