Help me choose: Micro to Macro

I’ve been doing Microfantasy Mondays since Ang started them 23 weeks ago.  Several times I’ve gotten comments from people who would love to see those micro stories continued in some fashion.  I think that would be fun to do and I want you all to help me decide which ones deserve that effort.  Look at the list below and comment with your fave.. or nominate one not on the list 🙂

Ed. Note:  you can choose more than one, put them in order of preference

Microfantasy Monday, week 2: Offering

Microfantasy Monday, week 5: Sliding. Glass. Doors.

Microfantasy Monday, week 7: Snow

Microfantasy Monday, week 12: Liquid

Microfantasy Monday, week 18: Flame

Microfantasy Monday, week 19: Irish

Microfantasy Monday, week 21: Long Distance

Microfantasy Monday, week 22: Cards

I’d love to hear what you all think, what your favorites are and which you’d like to see grow up into full stories.

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