Half-Nekkid Thursday: Genderfuck. Fuck gender! Fuck, gender.

Wearing dresses or skirts counts as drag for me, but after having a playful conversation on twitter with Erin Leone, I came up with this idea:


April Fool, for sure.


So, does the skirt add or detract?  Would you suck butch cock if it was under a skirt or dress?  Discuss…

Ya’ll make sure and check out Erin’s HNT as well ;-)   (it’s not up now, when I’m posting, but he said he would… )

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18 Responses to Half-Nekkid Thursday: Genderfuck. Fuck gender! Fuck, gender.

  1. Eithrael says:

    The skirt only detracts because it brings back bad food childhood memories of Bob Evan’s Restaurants. If you could call them restaurants. Totally HOT otherwise! I LOVE a man in a skirt! =] Yum!

  2. mina says:

    hehehe nope wouldn’t matter to me.. skirt, dress, pants, shorts, nothing at all… I’d still suck butch cock! HHNT

  3. You know, I wouldn’t know. I can never say how I’d react in theory to things because I usually end up wrong when a theory becomes the reality.

    Happy HNT!

  4. Erin Leone says:

    Mine is up!! Pun intended!!!!! The password is panda.

  5. Roxy says:

    Wrap it in a skirt or a pair of pants, or nothing at all, it doesn’t matter to me, I’d still want to suck that cock.

    But, damn, man – you’ve got some FINE lookin’ thighs…

  6. Vixen says:

    That’s awesome. And surprisingly VERY hot!

  7. Men in skirts are sexy. :) HHNT!

  8. Amber says:

    I love that not only is it a skirt but it’s a bright PINK checkered MINIskirt. Cheers to never doing anything halfway! ;)

  9. Kimberly says:

    I love a genderfuck! Well done!
    Happy HNT!

  10. saintchick says:

    Oh ma goodness

  11. Femme Gender says:

    …not sure that’s quite your colour K………

  12. Ang says:

    BWAH HA HA HA!!! Erm… okay, I’m sorry, I couldn’t focus on the question because the PINK was killing me. GREAT HNT!

  13. vanimp says:

    Haha apart from the color pink(I hates it) I doubt a skirt would deter me from doing something utterly wonderful and fun ;) x

  14. Dragon Mage says:

    I love the idea, but I’m not sure that’s the best color (or pattern) for you. :P
    Great pic.

  15. I’d suck butch cock. Full stop. Especially yours!

    xx Dee

  16. yes, of course…just not with my mouth. >;) Does look like a great place for a picnic though. Salami sandwiches?

  17. SweetSpiced says:

    Guys in skirts – HOT. Best bent over though. Also, sexy soccer thighs!

  18. Eliot says:

    How the hell did I miss this?! The skirt looks silly, but I’d suck butch cock regardless! :-D

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