Grab bag of Weekend Happenins

It’s Friday and I’ve got a busy weekend planned.

Tonight I’m heading up to Seattle to hang with Onyx and Scarlet Lotus and maybe Coy Pink.  Scarlet is cooking up something and whatever it is, I’m sure to love it.  There will be talking and drinking and who knows what else, but it’ll definitely be a good time.

Tomorrow my daughter and I both have soccer games.  After that, we all go downtown to enjoy the 15th Annual Olympia Procession of the Species, a home-grown event honoring Earth Day and featuring  a huge variety of wonderful customes based on natural themes.   The Procession includes participants from newborn to the very elderly and with musical and dance groups and quite often entire classes of school children.  One of the rules is that participants can’t display any words .. effectively keeping commercial and political elements out.  It’s a celebration of the Earth, of life and of community and there will likely be 10s of thousands of people crowding downtown sidewalks to see the spectable.

The procession is held each spring in conjunction with Olympia Arts Walk, now in its 38 year.  Since we’re not going out to Walk the Art tonight (at least I’m not), we’ll try to catch some of it tomorrow, after the Procession.  Once we’re finished with Processions and Art Walking, we’ll head up to a friends house and have dinner and social time.

On Sunday, I rest.  And do homework, and a bunch of stuff on my to do list. 

Next weekend I’m heading back to Seattle for SEAF on Saturday.  3 weeks after that, I head to California for a joyful and sexy reunion with Roxy .. wow, that means it’s only 4 weeks away right now.. W00000T!!!

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