Getting Vocal: a reading of “I want to Know”

This is something I wrote a while ago and after hearing a recent audio clip on Sugarbutch, I was inspired to try my hand at blogging audio.

getting vocal:  i-want-to-know 


I want to know how your skin smells
at the hollow of your neck

I want to know how your hair feels
in my fingers, at the back of your head

I want to know the sensation
of my tongue sliding across your nipple

I want to know the taste of your mouth
the first time we kiss

I want to know how your skin feels
the heat of it, next to mine

I want to watch your hips, when I touch you,
in a certain place, with a certain pressure

I want to know the sounds you make
when you don’t give a damn who hears

I want to know the look in your eyes,
when  you’re hungry for me

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8 Responses to Getting Vocal: a reading of “I want to Know”

  1. Saynine says:

    Very cool poem and awesome to hear you read it.

  2. Eliot says:

    Oh, very, very nice. *applauds* I dig your voice a lot.

  3. Roxy says:

    🙂 Beautifully read. I love the way your voice slides across the floor and takes me by the hips to dance with you…

  4. rainbowlezzy says:

    amazing poem! and your voice reading it made it so much better! You have an awesome skill with writing, I strive to be as skilled as you, one day I will be, until then rock on!

  5. saintchick says:

    Very nice.. quite unexpected 🙂

  6. Dracona says:

    What a fantastic treat….and what a sexy voice 🙂

  7. Amber says:

    Very nice! Oddly, your voice sounds quite similar to Sinclair’s… but THAT is a good thing because that smoky butch voice just makes me all shivery. 🙂

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