Friday night in Seattle: how I got taken down

I went up to Seattle last Friday, to visit Onyx and Scarlet.  I went up there to have dinner, to do some drinking, talk about any of the billions of things we can all happily converse about, and also meet Coy Pink.  All of those things happened, but that wasn’t all.  And, in truth, I should have seen it coming.  I should know by now that certain questions sent to me in a certain sweet tones mean I’m in trouble, that a certain someone is planning something devious and twisted.   (Roxy has provided some extra commentary throughout.)

It all started here:

kyle: so tonight I go up to Seattle to hang with Onyx and Scarlet
kyle: texting will be cool with me… but I don’t want to intrude on your evening
roxy: Oh, I’d LOVE to text
roxy: Tell them hi for me
roxy: I was guessing you’d be busy
kyle: i will.. we’ll probably talk about you
roxy: Tell them I’m gorgeous and funny and smart and an all-around excellent babe

Ok, so far nothing red flag about any of this, she wants to text me during the evening, that’s normal and fun, right?


kyle: i’m heading out soon too
sroxy: Ooh, yes you are
kyle: i’ll be in touch
sroxy: Have fun tonight
kyle: thanks babe
sroxy: Tell them I love you  (R: here I was just being playful, I didn’t know where you were going to go with this.)
kyle: oh shucks, ok
kyle: shit, you want me to blush in front of them  (R: Wow – suddenly you were begging for it.  My mind raced and a grin spread across my face as I started plotting.)
roxy: 🙂
sroxy: Yes, I do (R: Well, yeah, I love to see you blush and wriggle and squirm.)

Ok, this is really fucking funny in retrospect… me worried about being embarrassed by expressing how much she loves me.  (R: This was where you set your fate, you know.  I was just being playful and you turned it around into something more – “you want me to blush” was all the encouragement I needed.)

sroxy: Hell, perhaps I should tell you to get on your knees at the door and ask for a spanking  (R: Here I’m being very careful to ask your permission, because you had indicated in the past that this would *not* be ok in general.)
kyle: oh shit
sroxy: 😉
kyle: no no no  (R: Damn!  But I didn’t want that to be your final answer so I kept asking.)
sroxy: Would you?  (R: I have to be sure you’re ok with it before pushing forward.)
kyle: ogodhoney  (R: My poor conflicted boy.  Makes me hot thinking about it.)
kyle: please don’t make me  (R: is this not the most deliciously mixed message?  You didn’t say no, you said, “don’t make me.”  And everyone knows that a sub means “take me, force me, make me your plaything” when he says “don’t make me.”  😉 ) (me: yeah, looking at that.. I certainly was asking for it)

See how she shifted gears on me there?  I was foolish enough to say the word ’embarrass’ and she ran with it.  (R: Silly boy)

kyle: that’s embarrassing and you won’t be there to make it better
sroxy: You don’t like them that way?  (R: Asking for more permission.)
kyle: i didn’t say that  (R: Bingo!)
sroxy: Would you mind being touched?
kyle: why are you doing this to me.. i’m squirming now  (R: I know and I was loving it.)
kyle: damn you woman  (R: Mmmhmmm.  I know when you start calling me “woman” I’ve got you pinned.)
sroxy: 🙂
sroxy: Answer the question, boy  (R:  I adore how that word gets you going.)
kyle: you, god.  did you get a schematic with all my buttons or what?  (R: Yes.  $5.99 on Ebay.)
after a pause.. kyle: i like being touched. yes.  (R: Whoo hoo!  It’s on!)
sroxy: By them, Kyle?

She makes me insane, she really does.  She makes me insane and she makes me squirm inside my skin and she challenges me and she turns me on so much.  She dares me to do things I find uncomfortable and embarrassing and … and … and … I do them. 

(R: You’re hedging the issue, love.   You squirm and wriggle because you love it, you love being pushed into scary situations and forced to perform and you LOVE IT.  You are a smart, strong guy all day long and you love to let go and be used by loving hands.  But you need a fight, a challenge.  You don’t lie down and take it, you want to be beaten, forced, compelled.)

And that three-letter word, the one she wields so well, like a scalpel in a surgeon’s hands… ‘boy’… sometimes she slaps me in the face with it, sometimes she taunts me, sometimes it’s the word she uses to tell me she loves me, to reassure me…

sroxy: Keep your phone on, luv (R: I love how terms of endearment become razor blades in certain situations.)
kyle: this is where i give you that look
kyle: you know the one
sroxy: I don’t want you saying tomorrow how you missed my text (R: Doing that patronizing school teacher thing that you love.)
f course not.
kyle: dear
sroxy: Love
kyle: honey
sroxy: Sweetie

Yeah.. those endearments were said with super-sweet sugar on her side and gritted teeth on my side.  She loves me, she does.  She loves to torment me and push my buttons, make me squirm and get angry and growl. 

(R: Oh, yes, I really really do.  It gets my blood pumping and my muscles itching to take you down.)

kyle: grrrrrrrrrrrrr
sroxy: 🙂
sroxy: Good boy (R: Heh.  Imagining the look on your face.)
sroxy: you know, if you can’t handle it, I’ll back down  (R: Oh, this is evil.)
kyle: you have an evil streak about 10 miles wide
sroxy: Cuz I understand how fragile that male ego can be 

(R: Notice I used some of your favorite words…fragile, male ego…and “I understand.”  That lovely, patronizing way of telling you I don’t think you can handle what’s about to happen.  It’s like catnip, boy.  You can’t resist the challenge.  This line was pure manipulation.)

Oh, holyfuck… fragile male ego my ass… again, the skill is such that even when I know damn well what she’s doing, I can’t stop it from happening.  Well, and truth be told, I don’t want to stop it.

I went to twitter to inform Scarlet of my probably lateness and leave a message for Roxy:

butchtastickyle: yes, dear, I will keep my phone on >;-)
sroxy: And bring kneepads, love… 😉

and I didn’t see that kneepads reference until the next day…

(R: You missed my warning?  Oh you poor thing…you really didn’t know what was coming, then…)

I hopped into my trusty pickup and headed out, stopping to get gas.  I was running a little bit late, but had already let Scarlet know.  What I didn’t know was that it would be held against me anyway.

It’s illegal to send text messages in this state, as well as being very difficult.  That didn’t stop Roxy from sending me several as I made my way up I5.  And, of course, I read them, this one came while I was driving away from the gas station:

Roxy: I think you need to learn respect, boy.  When you arrive, greet them and thank them for inviting you over and then ask to kiss their feet to show your gratitude  (R:  Of course, by now I’ve already checked in with them and made sure this will be ok, but I’m hoping that you’ll be worried that they won’t understand.)

I pulled right over and texted this back:

Me: Despite the fact that I’ m bringing a bottle of wine? 

(R: Ok, that was the weirdest response ever.  Made me laugh out loud.) (me: well, yeah, I was trying to throw you off.. maybe get out of this somehow.  Plus, show you that I do have manners and know how to behave when invited somewhere)

and then hit the road.

She sent a picture that my phonechose not to receive (long story, my phone is a bitch like that sometimes) and I texted”Driving now”, flagrantly disobeying the law for her (not that I got any credit for that later).  Her answer:

Roxy: That’s “yes ma’am” – you’re having trouble with your spelling, boy. 

(R: I love that line.  So evil.)

Roxy: Boy, you vex me.  give them the wine, then kiss the feet.  Is this really that difficult or are you just a bit simple? 

(R: Here I escalated.  You’re getting used to the patronizing bit, so I added a direct insult.  Not only have I suggested that you can’t do it, from earlier, but now I’m suggesting you’re not smart enough.  I know you – that’s the lowest blow I could manage.)

The easy and accurate way she pushed my buttons with that resulted in me laughing maniacally while cursing her name and driving over the speed limit.

Then she sends me a picture, with the subject line “Oh, I know!”

I dutifully pulled over at a rest area so I could text my answer

me: Yes, ma’am.  I will happily do as instructed and ask that they DM you as to their satisfaction. 

(R: I just love the look in your eyes when I’ve beaten you down.)  (me: oh, you hadn’t beaten me yet, I was still trying to figure out how to give you enough without completely letting go… besides, it set up my next text message so well)

me: And you should know that being instructed thusly stirs me deeply.. so much so that I want to drag you onto the dance floor of Jake’s by your hair and finger fuck you until you collapse in a puddle of your own juices.  Ma’am 

(R: This was sexy as hell, but I wasn’t about to let you get the upper hand.  And don’t think I don’t know what you’re trying to do here.)  (me: oh, I know you knew what I was trying to do, did it almost work?)

I know what you’re thinking, why provoke her?  I’m obviously just going to stir up her Domme anger and she’s gonna make things much worse for me.  Yeah, I know.

Her response:

Wow, you are awefully bold for someone in your position.  Please be sure to express how much you want to kiss their feet, despite being completely unworthy. 

(R: I wanted to be sure you didn’t just suffer in silence.  It’s so much more meaningful to have you express your inner need, your secret desires to be humiliated…)

I continued to drive, going over in my mind how I would tell my host and hostess about Roxy’s instructions, growing a bit hot with embarrassment at the prospect.  I eventually came up with a way I thought would explain everything and allow me to complete my instructions with a bit of style.  After that, I sang along with the radio and looked forward to the visit. 

And then it hit me.  She wouldn’t leave it to chance.  I was suddenly certain that Roxy had already contacted Onyx and Scarlet about her plans for me and, no doubt, enlisted them to help her.  After that, the only thing on my mind was ” Oh my fucking god.  I am so fucked.”  Oh, and I know,  you’re thinking “Seriously?  It took you that long to figure it out?”  So, yeah, maybe I am a little simple. 

(R: This is when I would have most loved to be in the car with you, watching your face, feeling the fear and the excitement spread across your skin.  You must have been a gorgeous shade of red.)

Finally I arrived at Chez Onyx and Scarlet, a little late as expected.  It took a moment or 10 to find a parking spot, during which I received this text:

Roxy: *Tapping foot, looking at watch*  (R: I was surprised you were late  – you’re never late.)

me: Just got parked ma’am

Roxy: A prompt boy is a respectful boy (R: I hoped you could hear the disdain in my voice.)  (me: did you also hear me say ‘fuck you’?)

I pressed their buzzer and stepped into the lobby, waiting for Onyx.  His smirk and sideways glance were all I needed to confirm my suspicions.  “Shit, she did contact you, didn’t she?”

And yeah, I offered Scarlet the wine and asked if they’d like to sit or stand for the foot kissing.  Scarlet had her lovely feet bare, Onyx had his shoes on.  I did the deed, had them take pictures on my cellphone and sent evidence back to my evil sorceress… I mean, gorgeous lover.  

(R: The pictures were amazing.  So sweet of you and Onyx to think to share with me.) (me: well, obviously at that point I was glorying in my humiliation, wanting evidence that I’d gone all the way without hesitation.  I was into the performance aspect of it, and as you pointed out later, I wanted to own it, to be less out of control)

My reward apparently was a groin grope delivered by Scarlet, on Roxy’s behalf. I hope she enjoyed it as much as I did. 

(R: This was the first thing I asked for, actually, even before I knew what else we’d be cooking up for you.  I asked her to grab your cock for me, since I couldn’t be there.)

Roxy: Well done, boy, but you were still late.  Please ask how you could make it up to them. 

(R: They and I already knew what was going to happen, but I had to make you think you actually had some say in it…)  (me: It makes me insane to know how much you three plotted.. but also pleased me that you all thought I was worth the time and effort)

Argggggg.. this woman makes me insane, ok, more insane than I already am.  But I asked.  Onyx thought a bit, but said he wasn’t sure.  Scarlet was in the kitchen getting dinner served.  I offered to help serve dinner, and they deemed that acceptable.   Onyx did his best to heighten my experience by deciding that I didn’t have a good enough attitude when I brought him his plate and beer.  Yeah, I think he was having fun with this.  So I went back to the kitchen, reset my attitude and presented his dinner to him, to his grudging approval.  He twittered to Roxy:

@Onyx93:   @sroxy you have trained @butchtastickyle well….He’s been such a good boy  (R: Oh, god, this was wonderful.  I felt a surprising jolt of pride here.)

@sroxy:  I am thoroughly enjoying @ButchtasticKyle’s torment. 🙂 Much thanks to @ScarletLotus and @Onyx93

texted to me: I’m hearing wonderful things, boy.  I’m very pleased

texted to her: my dearest one, you are very very evil this evening. There is much appreciation here for your evilness. thank you very much, ma’am. 

(R: The slide into subspace here was startling – from fighting it to suddenly rolling over and taking it.  Delicious, but I suspected that you were just trying to keep me from pushing you harder.)  (me: the slide was beginning, but I was still resisting pretty hard.  Here, I was passing on the general appreciation of your evil mastermind, no doubt hoping you’d be pleased and not go so hard on me.)

to me: You are being so good this evening, much better than last night with me. Are you sure they are taking full advantage?  (R: I wanted to be sure you went through with it, and I wasn’t going to fall for a few polite texts.)

to her: I’m sure I will perform as needed, ma’am.

The night before she and I had been on webcam together and I agree that I wasn’t necessarily on my best behavior, though I did try to control my rebellious side. (R: HA!  You were as controlled as a tiger in an aluminum cage, darlin’.)   That text, and the words ‘full advantage’ made me cringe inwardly. Oh, god, I thought, what next?  I didn’t have to wait long.

We were all working our way through seconds of dinner when this text came in, prompting me to toss my phone to the floor with a groan:

Roxy: You misunderstand. Please do offer your ass and beg for a spanking  (R: I hadn’t heard anything and was worried you had talked them out of it.)

The groan was uttered and the phone was tossed. Onyx immediately turned to his computer and I pleaded that he not snitch on me, but of course he did.

to Roxy (Via Twitter) from Onyx93 I don’t know what you told kyle, but he just groaned and threw the phone on the floor 

(R: My husband and I were cackling with delight at this.  You had been refusing to admit any emotion to me, so the opportunity for a peek of your true reaction was wonderful.  I could see you in my mind, groaning and tossing the phone.)

She told me later that she was highly amused both at my response and the fact that Onyx relayed it to her. I glared at him (I know, not very good sub behavior), took a few more bites, then picked up my phone, showed them the text and responded to Roxy:

me: We are eating seconds, should I interrupt?

her: YES (R: Of course)

me (mentally gritting my teeth):  yes ma’am.

I dutifully made the offer, which was declined, they preferred to finish dinner.

me: I’ve offered, however, i’m being asked to wait on hands and knees

her: be sure to thank them, boy. (R: I just love it when a sub says thank you.)

Onyx got a picture of me on my hands and knees and I sent it off to her. They kept me waiting for a while. The cats decided it was cool to have a human on the floor with them and used me as a rubbing post and plaything.

Soon enough I was on my feet again, helping to arrange the Liberator wedge on the futon and arranging my self on the wedge. Scarlet went through her toy box and extracted a lovely variety of thuddy, stingy, spanky toys. Onyx served as photographer, getting shots from all sides of the action.


Scarlet gets me warmed up with a flogger.  Yes, that’s a Liberator Wedge being used to keep my ass in the air.


First she tickled me, then she smacked me

ohfuck_a caned_a ohdamn_a 

At first it was kind of weird, I mean, we’ve only hung out once before and now my ass was in the air waiting to be beat. But Scarlet is very good and we got into our rhythm pretty quickly. And, damn, it felt good. By the end I was collapsed on the futon giggling — well, I think i was giggling before she was finished with me, actually. I was a happy, high, giggling boy, gushing and wanting to share the love. Twitter testimonials and a sampling of pictures were sent to Roxy. I took a picture of my goofy, post-beating face and sent it to her along with some audio of me giggling happily. Coy Pink arrived about that time with yummy brownies, having missed the floor show. 

kylesdone_a toolset_a

This is me after Scarlet has finished with me and these are the implements used.

Roxy and I had a quick conversation and I thanked her for all her attentions. 

 (R: You were giggly and happy and flying – I couldn’t help but laugh with you.  I asked you if you understood now why people go to such trouble to achieve subspace, that particular type where you are high and happy and relaxed and content all at once.  Better than drugs, better than love.  I was thrilled they could lead you there and you were the happiest I think I’ve ever heard you.)

It really is a remarkable thing to have someone spend that kind of time and energy on me.  (R: You’re worth it)  Yeah, I fought against it, I protested, but she knows me well, knows what I really want and need. She knows my buttons, knows my edges, knows I want to push against them but need her help sometimes.  (R: Wow – that’s wonderful to read.)   I love her so much.  (R: It’s mutual, lover, very very much.)

We hung out at the apartment for a bit longer, consuming brownies, burning pictures to CD, checking out Scarlet’s vast collection of sex toys. I love hanging with people who I can talk to about sex toys, reviews, blogging, etc. Eventually, we headed out in search of a place we could have some drinks and continue our conversations.

Big huge thanks to Onyx, Scarlet and my wonderful Roxy for an evening I won’t soon forget.  And Coy Pink, darling, it was wonderful finally meeting you.

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