When Kyle met roxy, part 4

We now reach the 4th and final part of our story…  if you missed part 1, part 2 or part 3 … that’s your reading assignment .. 🙂

We had just returned from the bar, and I was eager to get my hands under her skirt.  She was eager to push me back down on the bed and take advantage of me.   As you can see in the next picture, we both won.


roxy is hot and sexy and sweet and nasty in the most perfect ways.  I sat on the edge of the bed and she stood in front of me, letting me bury my face in her cleavage.  Before I knew it, her top was down and she’d pulled her generous breasts out, offering her nipples to me.  And, yummmmmmmm, she has delicious nipples.  I mean, look at that picture, I know some of you wish you could trade places with me.  And wishes were definitely coming true that night.  roxy wished to dominate me some more, having gotten a taste of that earlier in the evening.  Somehow, as good as I looked in that shirt and tie, she thought I looked better with nothing on, and soon we were both in that condition.   Somewhere between dressed and nude, she managed to get some very hot pictures of me, one of which was featured for HNT, on each of our blogs.

I am someone who enjoys granting wishes, but some are so difficult to agree to.  For example, roxy was harnessed with my cock and had me on my knees.  From afar, via webcam, MrRoxy watched as she teased my clit and fucked me.  What’s wrong with that you ask?  Oh, that’s not the difficult part.  She wanted to control my orgasms, told me I couldn’t come until she gave me permission.

I hate that game.  I really, really do.  I enjoy my orgasms, each and every one, and I don’t see the point in holding them back.

Yeah, so I hate it, but I agreed to it because I love the power dynamic.  And roxy, my sweet, sexy sadist, knows I hate it and also knows the power she has over me.  So I, a person who can come a l0t in a short time, was being told not to come at all.  I have a hair-trigger come-reflex and it ain’t easy to hold back.  It’s excruciating, in fact.  So I bitched and moaned while she stroked my increasingly slippery and swollen clit and thrust the cock into me.  Oh, dear gord, I have no idea how I held off and I’m not sure how long my resolve lasted, it seemed like forever.  I know I started begging pretty quickly.  Begging, whining, cursing, strings of “FUCKFUCKFUCK FUCK YOU BITCH” pouring forth without much independent thought on my part.

I sort of remember her talking to MrRoxy while she tortured my clit.  I had my head down, gritting my teeth, feeling my orgasm approaching, knowing it would be so easy to give in, follow those thrills and spasms down the path to screaming, arching ecstacy.  But I didn’t.  Instead I continued to beg, plead, entreat, beseech and generally make a complete hot, shameless mess of myself in trying to convince her to give me permission.

“Please say ‘yes’, please baby, please let me come, please please.. GODDAMN BITCH FUCK!  please babybabybaby.. FUCK I HATE YOU, please?  come one, you know you want to watch me come, please baby.. please, come onnnnnn **whimper **** pleeeeeeeeeeeeease???!!!!!!”

And so on and so forth for what seemed to be an eternity.  And then, finally, she said yes, “Yes, Kyle, you can come now.”

Oh sweet heavenly mercy, “Yes! yes babybabybaby, oh god thank you thaNK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU OH GODDDDDDDDDDDDBABY.. AHHHHHHHHH AIIIIIIIIIIIII.. UNN UNN UNN UNNN .. GGGGGGGGGGGNGGGNGGGGGRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr huhnhhunh. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.”

When the dust settled and the planets realigned themselves — and how the hell did no one pound on the walls telling us to quiet down? — I finally collapsed in post-orgasmic limpness, and which looks something like this:


Yes, Kyle was one happy boy after all that.  I was spent, finished, babbling nonsensical happy noises while she stroked and praised me and finished the video call with MrRoxy.   Not long after that, we were in a happy, spooning cuddle.  It was wonderful to hold her next to me, all that softwarmsilky skin mine to enjoy.  Feeling her relax into me, both of us making small, happy, sleepy noises until we fell asleep.

I can’t say I slept deeply and soundly, having her right there kept my mind and libido on alert, but I let her sleep.  But, at some point near dawn, I couldn’t wait any longer.  I rolled over and reached around her, pulling myself against her back.  The sweetness of that feeling is almost beyond words.  I kissed her lightly on the back of the neck, wanting to wake her but also wanting her to be ready for me.  Her stretch-moan and the arch in her back as she pushed her ass against me were all the answers I needed.  I pulled my lips back and grazed her with them, serving notice.  She wasn’t really awake, and didn’t open her eyes, but one hand reached back to the grab my head and she began to move against me.  I softly fondled her nipples, not wanting to shock her, instead wanting a slow, leisurely wake up.  I drew my hand along her curves, to her mound, and cupped her lightly.  When she moaned a little louder, and hissed her consent, I gripped her more firmly, slipping a finger between her labia and resting it against her clit.  She did a 3/4 roll against my body, allowing me better access to her.  Softly and slowly, I brought her cunt to wakefulness even though her eyes were still closed.  I figured she was half awake, but maybe she thought she was dreaming, and if so, I wanted it to be a good one.

Her breathing grew heavier and she began to push against my hand.  Reaching further down, I slipped a fingertip inside her, drawing the moisture out and smearing her liberally with it.  I squeezed her clit, then circled it with that fingertip  and was rewarded with a moan and a fluttering of her eyelids.  Still holding her against my body, and clamping down on her shoulder with my mouth, I stroked her to orgasm.  She moaned, gasped and spasmed as I held on to her.  Then she settled against me and we fell asleep for a little while longer.

Some of you have read roxy’s story about her first attempt to service me orally.  I say attempt, because that attempt was interrupted with hiccups.   I will state for the record that her subsequent attempt was not just adequate, but extremely skillful.  For a woman who hadn’t sucked pussy before, she learned very quickly.   That morning was a hell of not having enough time but having so many things we still wanted to do for and to each other.  One thing I’d promised her was a blow job.  She’s given many, but never received one.

I helped her strap into my cock again, and she stood on the  bed to receive my attentions.  Her camera was never far away from her hand and one of the resulting pictures — of the two of us reflected in a mirror — was also featured in HNT posts by both of us.   I kept working the cock, holding the base with one hand so I could pump it against her clit as I filled my mouth.  Soon standing wasn’t an option for her, and she lowered herself to her knees.  I accomodated her by lying down and continuing to suck her, her fingers in my hair, pulling me onto the cock.  I know how hot is is to look down and see someone sucking your cock and I’m so glad to have given her that sexual gift.

More kissing and fucking and fondling rounded out our morning.  All too soon, it was time to pack up and check out.  It was really hard to stay on task, as you can imagine.  We kept recalculating how much time we’d need to get to the airport and for her to get through security, trying to come up with a few more precious moments.  I had really wanted to take advantage of the continental breakfast downstairs, but there was no time for that.  Instead, we hustled to the airport, got her bag checked and took a peek at the security line.

Security wasn’t too bad, so we ordered coffee and pastries at a nearby Tully’s.  We didn’t have much time, but we also didn’t want to fall on each other like rabid beasts, so we did our best impression of a mild mannered, ordinary people.  We drank our coffee, drank each other with our eyes, held hands.  We were both trying to write the experience into our memories.  Finally, I glanced at my watch and it was time.  We’d squeezed as many minutes out of this visit as possible.  I walked her through the security line, but it went too fast, so I pulled her under the barrier and against the wall.  Onlookers be damned, I was gonna kiss that woman goodbye again, hard and deep and with all the feeling in my heart.  We held each other close, our faces reflecting the heaviness we couldn’t hide anymore.  We ducked back into line again, this time I pulled out alone when we reached the security personnel.  Both of us were fighting tears, smiling bravely, trying to avoid a full breakdown.  I smiled and flashed the ‘I love you’ sign, she returned it, and blew a kiss.  She took one last photo of me then mouthed ‘goodbye, I love you’ and turned to walk away.  Walking away, fighting hot tears, I turned again, standing on tip toes, straining for one last look at her, but couldn’t find her in the crowd.


Back in the truck, I took a picture of my sad face and sent it to her phone, and we had a brief bout of texting before signing off.  Later she sent me pictures from the plane, including ones of her crying, which made me cry, too.   I felt the emptiness of missing her but also the fullness of having experienced her.  There was no doubt we wanted to see each other again, but we neither of us knew if that would be a possibility.  Time would tell.

The long distance booty call had been completed and the public challenges met.   But it was more than sex, more than hot, needy bodies that were satisfied during this 20 hour whirlwind.  We found kindred spirits, we found hearts that had room for each other, we found love, we created a new relationship.   This wasn’t a surprising development to me, though it was for her.   It’s been almost two months since we said goodbye in the airport, and our love has grown, gotten stronger and found its own way amongst the other relationships in our lives.

All photos taken by roxy.

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