Reviewing the Feeldoe Fatboy


This is the Feeldoe Fatboy I got from Tabu Toys.  This sexy looking device is touted as being ‘made for a woman, by a woman’.  That said, it can be used by mixed gender couples as well.

I have looked forward to trying out a dual-penetration sex toy for quite a while now.  When Tabu Toys invited me to put together a wish list of toys to review, I was quick to add this apparatus, assuming it would big, big fun for my lover and I.  And while it gave us dual-penetration, unfortunately, it did not give not give us dual orgasms.  Believe me, we tried, we tried really hard — she and I are very persistent.

The way the Fatboy works, one sexual partner inserts the bulb end (the ‘pony’), vaginally or anally, while the other takes the dick (the ‘horse’) in either hole.  In our case, I rode the pony and fucked my partner with the horse (I wish it was as kinky as that sounds).  I’ve got plenty of strength in my vaginal muscles, so holding it in place was not a problem.  In fact, I was able to walk around her apartment, with the dick end bobbing as I walked.  Look ma!  No harness!

Once we got into the more active part of the demonstration, I figured out pretty quickly that I wasn’t going to get off that way.  The ridges at the base of the shaft are supposed to stimulate the clit of the bulb wearer, but they don’t hit me in the right place.  The only time the bulb started to hit me in the right spot was when it was almost pulled out by Jaz‘s enthusiastic riding.  On the other end, Jaz was having a great time fucking the hell out of the dick.  She liked the length and the girth and how the smooth surface slide in and out so easily.

On the plus side, as promised by the packaging, the lack of harness brought us a lot closer.  It was really nice to feel her pussy hair rubbing up against mine.  That the lack of harness and being able to quickly get this dick into position, is the primary driving force behind its design (see the Feeldoe site for that story).

We also switched ends, with Jaz taking the bulb anally.  Despite my lukewarm feelings about the bulb, she enjoyed it very much.  Unfortunately for me, with the bulb up her ass, there wasn’t much dick available for me to fuck.  I straddled her hips, got the tip in and played a bit but eventually dismounted.  I grasped the Feeldoe, and worked it around in her ass, pushing the grooves against her clit.  With it anally inserted, the grooves were in the correct position to hit her clit.  I worked it around and against her until she came.

The Feeldoe Fatboy also comes with a small bullet vibrator which you can insert into the base.  Even though using the Fatboy with a partner is only so-so for me, as another dildo, it works very nicely.  Last night I switched on the vibrator and fucked myself quite nicely.  The thickness and length are a good addition to my options for getting off solo.

The details:  The shaft is 6″ long by 1.75″, the bulb is 3.5″ long by 1.5″.  Bullet vibrator takes 3watch batteries.


  • sleek silicon surface
  • good thickness and length
  • harness free dildo, harness not in the way between you and your partner
  • doubles as a vaginal exercise device
  • cons

  • bulb not universally stimulating
  • watch batteries not as easy to replace
  • at nearly $160, the Fatboy isn’t something to experiment with if you’re not sure it’ll work for you
  • Though it’s fun to try, the Feeldoe Fatboy won’t become a mainstay in my sexual arsenal and rates 2 and a half boots



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