nap time

It was a typical Saturday afternoon in the spring.  I’d played soccer that morning and was happily napping.  My belly was full of warm food and my body showered into cleanliness.  I stretched myself out on the bed and relaxed, feeling tired to my bones.  Through one wall, I could hear the TV my wife was watching and through the other, my daughter and her friend playing in the sun outside.

As my body relaxed, my mind wandered.  I replayed portions of the game, thought about projects I wanted to accomplish that weekend and drifted to sleep not long after.

Sometime later, between sleep and wakefulness, when my mind was suggestible and pliant, I thought about my lovers.  Each of them sexy and wonderfully different.   I imagined them with me in that bed.  In my hazy, half-awake fantasy, there was no possessiveness, no jealousy, only love and generosity.  Their hands helped me out of my clothes, their lips kissing me and each other in turn.  Warm, strong hands were between my legs, as mine stroked someone else’s wet pussy, and a taut nipple was guided into my mouth.

A shout outside my window brought me closer to wakefulness but I willed myself back to that warm place where skin and tongues and fingers merged.  I was aware that my real fingers were pinching and pulling at my swollen clit but the parallel scene overlaid that reality.  Someone was between my legs, her lips and tongue and teeth pulling and sucking me, bringing me closer to release.  I was sure I could hear another voice in my ear telling me to come, to fill my lover’s mouth.  My muscles clenched and I replayed those words in my head, feeling even more strongly both of them on me, around me, touching me, filling me.  My hips rose and my fingers worked frantically to catch the wave of orgasm, to ride it to the end.

Gasping out loud, groaning softly through gritted teeth, I came hard.  Several aftershocks later, I relaxed fully again, stretching my legs out.  I settled back down to sleep off my happy lethargy, smelling the come on my hand as I tucked under my pillow.

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