Microfantasy Monday, week 21 : long distance

Microfantasy Monday is a weekly writing exercise brought to us by Ang, the Sweltering Celt.  This week’s theme is “Long Distance” and the following is my humble offering:

The phone rang and I rushed to get it, almost tripping more than once and cursing myself for not carrying it with me to the living room.   I looked at the display, it was her, calling me from so very far away. “Hello, gorgeous.”  My cheeks hurt from the suddenness of my smile and I knew she could hear it in my voice.

“Hey, baby.. ” her voice like a dark chocolate purr.  We exchanged pleasantries and she asked me if I was sitting down.

“Lying down actually, on the couch.”

“Good, baby, that’s perfect.  Now tell me where your hands are.”

“One is holding my phone.. the other is holding my cock.”  As I said it, I heard her inhale sharply.   I thought about her eyes, how her lips parted, the way she squirmed in her seat when she got horny.  I gave myself another squeeze and felt the blood rushing into my groin.

“Oh, you’re a bad, bad boy, aren’t you?  Getting ahead of yourself?  What are you gonna do with that cock, boy?”

Oh, shit, that tone, it makes me so wet.  The way her voice hardens when she takes command of a scene, it tells me that she’s pleased I’ve taken the initiative so she can turn it into an excuse to punish me.  She knows I’ll keep pushing back and reporting my misdeeds.  I feel myself twitch under the cock I’ve been wearing all evening, waiting for her to call.  I look at the coffee table, at the array of implements she’s instructed me to gather, wondering what she’ll choose to punish me with.

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