Microfantasy Monday, week 20: a lazy morning

Our beloved Ang, the Sweltering Celt has brought us this compelling theme:  snapshot of a lazy morning

As always I want to thank Ang for her inspired invention and dedication in keeping the themes coming for 20 weeks now, Yay, Ang!  I’d also like to thank PandaDementia for requesting that I write a sexy story.  Otherwise, who knows, I might have written about lying about on the couch in my pajamas burping and scratching my way through the morning.  Instead, I bring you this:

Soft morning light reached through the curtains and teased my eyelids open.  I stretched slowly and with great pleasure, feeling muscles that were so well worked the night before.  I rolled over and wrapped my arms around her body, pulling up closely behind her.  She settled against me and I gloried in the softwarmsilkiness of her skin and the way our bodies fit together.  I pressed my lips against the base of her neck, feeling silky soft hairs before grazing her lightly with my teeth.   She gave a moanpurr that never fails to stir me, and I could feel myself growing harder.  Running my free hand from her collar bones down to her belly, I stopped, holding her softly but firmly.  She responded with a more insistent groan and pushed her ass against me.  I began to take her skin between my teeth, softly at first.

I slid my hand between her legs and she spread them for me, arching her back and pushing back against my insistent mouth.  I chewed, sucked and kissed the side of her face, her ear, neck and shoulder as my fingers explored her warmwet folds.  She gasped as I pulled back against her clit, stroking it two or three times before pressing firmly against the spot just below.  I rolled onto my back, taking her with me, holding her against my body as I pushed myself against her ass, holding that spot below her clit until we both screamcriedlaughed our way to orgasm together.

We lay there, pulling in deep breaths and resting against each other, taking our time.  We had so much time that morning, nothing to motivate us out of that bed except the promise of breakfast and coffee and lounging in the morning sun.   I slid out from under her quickly, eliciting an unhappy gasp, but I knew if I didn’t move right then, I wouldn’t want to move until I was starving.

I pulled on my morning clothes and leaned back over to give her a kiss, “Come meet me in the front room, baby.. I’ll have coffee and sweet rolls.”

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