Microfantasy Monday, week 19: Irish

This week’s Microfantasy Monday theme is something Irish… thanks once again, Ang.. we love ya!   May you all have the luck of the Irish …

I was in an Irish-style pub, across the globe from my home.  Other players, seeking a cold drink on a thirsty day, crowded the place, reliving the day’s games and congratulating each other with hearty back slaps and toasts.  I leaned back in my seat, took a long sip and looked up to find her looking at me from across the room.  She was on the Philly team we’d played that day, a fiery redhead with green eyes and freckles to match mine.  Her team’s Irish flag inspired uniforms fit right in with the pub’s decor.  I had sudden flashbacks about her thighs and those swiveling hips, as she’d slash through my defense going for another shot against me. 

The evening continued, teams merging and swapping seats, the camaraderie of being involved in the Gay Games soccer tournament taking precedence over the  rivalries between teams.   I got up, staggering a bit, the Irish Car Bombs I’d been tossing down threatening my stability.  Making my way back to the bathrooms, I passed the redhead.  She looked straight into my eyes, tossed down the last of her drink and reached out to grab my arm.  Pulling me into the back hallway, she pushed me against the wall, knocking the air out of my lungs. 

“How you doing, Keeper?  You had a pretty good game out there today, quite the stud, aren’t ya?”

I sucked in a breath and exhaled in a chuckle, she was just as aggressive here as she’d been on the field.  Time to suck it up and get in the game. “You seemed to enjoy spending time with me, Red, you liked it when I took you down, didn’t you?”

She cocked an eyebrow at me and gave me a huge grin.  “You’d better be able to walk your talk, Keeper,” and with that she clamped onto the back of my neck and delivered a deep, delicious kiss.  I stood there, out of breath again then she began walking toward the bathrooms, dragging me behind her. 

“Um, what’s your name again?” 

“You can call me ‘Lucky’, ” she said, flashing that grin again. “At least I’d better be…”


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