Hanging with Scarlet Lotus and Onyx


one handed camera phone shot on approach to Seattle

Last night I went up to Seattle to hang out with Scarlet Lotus (The Femmeinist Fucktoy) and Onyx.  The weather yesterday was wonky with snow falling off and on, though nothing stuck.  I live about an hour away, and headed up I5 anticipating a fun evening of eating, drinking and talking. We’d  been talking about this meet-up for a while, since the two of them decided to move to Seattle.  I knew I’d have to take advantage of the proximity, Seattle can be fun anyway, but much more fun with friends.

Besides meeting a  fellow sex blogger and twitter friend, another milestone for the evening was wearing my new packy all night.  It’s the medium pack I highlighted in my HNT earlier this week.  I mostly didn’t notice it, it’s very comfortable and not too bulky.  I asked Scarlet today if it was subtle or obvious and she assured me it was only obvious if one were looking (and yeah, I noticed the two of you looking 😉 ).  The awkward moments with the packy were when I went to pee.  Since it’s not anchored to anything, I had to reposition it each time.  I laughed at  myself, and I think mentioned it to Scarlet, how my package kept changing positions throughout the night.

I arrived at their building in good time, finding a free parking spot just around the corner from their front door.  That was a very good omen because parking on Capital Hill is a complete bitch most of the time.  They greeted me with hugs, and Alaskan Amber — one of my customary house brews — and we settled in to become acquainted.

Scarlet was cooking what she called a curry bake.  I had no idea what was in it besides curry, but savory, tummy-rumbling smells jumped me in the hallway before their door was even open.  Their four boy cats quickly surrounded me and asserted themselves whenever I had an unoccupied hand.

Dinner was fabulous.  I got a big bowl of yumminess composed of potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, cheese and curry sauce.  Not too spicy, but very hot (had to give it a little cool-off time), very, very, very good.  My recommendation is, if they invite you to dinner, y’all should take them up on it.

Conversation ranged from tech-talk (Onyx and I are both in the computer industry), to sexuality, gender, blogging, life, stories about how we met our significant others and any other random thing that came to mind.  Oh, and lots of cat stories, since we are all cat people.  And just as I had suspected from our interactions online, Onyx and Scarlet are smart, funny conversationalists and a ton of fun to hang out with.

After finishing dinner, and another round of beer for Onyx and I, we set out into the cold Seattle night to get our drink seriously on.   There was one stop we had to make first though, a pilgrimage to that wonderful source of kink and happiness, Babeland.  Scarlet asked if I wanted to see an Eleven, to which I answered something like ‘Fuck yeah!’. We oggled the NJoy products, took a couple of pictures of the Eleven and resisted the temptation to orally service it.


The big end is as big as a baby's fist

All of the NJoy products are beautifully made but the Eleven is the only one that can double as a barbell.. a very expensive barbell, but you could do some reps with it.

doing my sex toy workout..

doing my sex toy workout..

We meandered our way around the store, fondling and examining cocks and plugs and vibes, oh my.  It’s fun to do that kind of shopping with knowledgeable friends, although there was one odd looking toy that we couldn’t figure out.. Scarlet, did we ever get an answer about that weird hollow dick thing?  I was actually in the market for a new anal plug, looking for something a bit larger than what I already have, and ended up getting a set of Fun Factory BendyBeads in hot devil red.

Our first stop was Bimbos Cantina, and it was time to get down to drinking and talking, and tweeting.  I don’t tweet from my phone, but the two of them do, so instead I texted roxy.  She was sending me provocative photos and I shared them with the other two.   Onyx led the charge with a pitcher of Rainier, Scarlet began her assault on margeritas and I happily drank Mac n Jacks BlackCat Porter.  And one shot of Hussongs tequila, cuz it was there and I love it so much I want to marry it.. ok, that’s not true.  I just want to shack up with it in a dirty, illicit love affair.  Bimbos is funky, decorated in a Mexican wrestler motif. Very popular, with a dark basement filled with people drinking and playing foosball.  The drinks are good and inexpensive, as is the food.

After scarfing our nachos and finishing the nth round of drinks, we headed out into the decidedly foul weather to find our next destination.  Wet snow was falling, with gusty wind blowing it everywhere.  We all had coats, but nothing over head and my hair was plastered to my head quickly.   We almost went into the Wildrose, but the $5 cover and packed dance floor sent us back on our way.  Then Onyx worked his cell phone, locating a friend, Michael, who was partying nearby.  Soon we were at the doorway of a private goth club called The Mercury.  Dark, warm, moody with good dance music and great drinks.  I ordered my favorite porter, the Black Butte by Deschutes Brewery.   We were there for a while, dancing a bit, talking over the music, but eventually it was time to go.  I was already imagining warmed up leftover curry bake at that point.

Luckily the snow had stopped and nothing wet was falling from the sky on our walk back.  The three of us talked gender and sexuality all the way home, I can’t emphasize enough how wonderful it is to talk with informed intelligent people about those subjects.  We got back to their place and warmed up, aided by the very helpful kitties.  Conversation continued.. I’m sure the three of us could keep that up until our voices gave out.  I boldly suggested we dig into the dinner leftovers, and they concurred.  I wasn’t as careful the second time, though, and still have a sensitive spot on the top of my mouth where I burned it on hot potatoes.

Scarlet pulled out some of her favorite toys, knowing that I was especially interested in the glass ones.  She also had a tiny penis, which as you can see from this picture, attacked me.

attacked by a tiny penis, I consider my options

attacked by a tiny penis, I consider my options

Finally it was time to head home, where my warm bed and warm wife were waiting.  When I woke this morning, I was tired, but not hungover.  I’m convinced that Scarlet’s curry bake is a hangover cure, and will request it when I next go up to visit.

Onyx, Kyle and Scarlet Lotus

Onyx, Kyle and Scarlet Lotus

Scarlet and Onyx, I had a great time with the two of you and the kitty boys.  I hope to make visiting you guys a regular occurance.  Thank you so much for your excellent hospitality.

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