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Not long ago, Shannon from contacted me and said she wanted to write an article about this blog.  We chatted back and forth a bit and the result was a very complementary article.  So how is it that a blog written by a dirty minded butch guy gets featured in a blog connected with a nice normal internet sex toy site?  Just my dumb luck I guess.

Healthy and Active does more than sell adult products.  They’ve got pages devoted to educating the sex toy buying public, like  “Choosing the Right Sex Toys For You“, “Guide to Costumes and Outfits” and “Quiz: Are You Sex Toys Savvy?”.

On their “About Us” page, they say, in part:

Sexual activity has graduated far past the traditional days of ‘missionary’. Today’s vibrant couples are engaging in a wide variety of sexual behavior, bound only by the limits of their imagination. Healthy and Active, based in Southern California, is the online adult store that aims to not only foster these sexual ideas but to offer products and merchandise that allows couples to use their creativity to its fullest extent.


No matter your sexual preference, Healthy and Active believes that we have products that will take your sexual relationship to the next level. We invite you to come in and take a look around and who knows… what you find inside may allure and entice you, but what could happen tonight could delight and surprise you.

Whenever I shop for sex toys, some products are of more interest to me than others.  I’m not as interested in erection rings, say, as I am in all things dildo.  H&A has four different Feeldoes and just looking at those gives me a naughty tingle.  Several strap on harnesses give shoppers options, including thigh harnesses and a clear vinyl harness.  They have an impressive selection of pyrex and glass dildos and offerings in the silicone, double-sided, realistic and vibrating categories.  Speaking of vibrators, amongst the categories is “unique vibrators” which includes tongue mounted vibes, tongue piercing mounted vibrators and the Fukuoku Massage Glove.  All sorts of anal toys, light BDSM and the very intriguing ‘Misc. Sex Toys’, including ‘Medical Equipment’ caught my eye.  There’s a lot to check out and choose from, go see for yourself.  They’ve got some great Valentine’s Day specials and also a section of under $20 goodies.  A quick browse of commonly found products shows they have competative prices as compared to other merchants.

So back to me and my blog and how I got connected with H&A.  Shannon explained that she became intrigued the idea of connecting with sex bloggers after getting into Twitter and discovering many of us there.  Through their blog, H&A wants to feature sex bloggers and following them on Twitter as a way to see what’s happening in the online world of sex, pleasure and related information, in real time.  Of course, those of us who are on Twitter know what a mix of serious, silly, sexy and mundane it all is, but that’s ‘real time’ too.

The HealthyandActive blog dates back to April 2008 and has categories like “Strict Leather” (sounds promising), “Sexual Prowess” (mmmmm) and “Across the Internet” (that’s us).  I’ve barely scraped the surface in terms of reading the entries, but several caught my eye.

I recommend you get to know these people, check out their blog and online storefront, they’ve got good products, interesting information and they’re going to start featuring more sex bloggers.  What is not to love?

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