When Kyle met roxy


Last weekend a highly anticipated event took place when roxy flew up to Seattle to spend some time with me.  We’d been building up the excitement and anticipation for months.   Twitterville was abuzz with this long distance booty call.

It’s been a week and I finally feel like I’m able to sort out my feelings and memories about my time with her.  It was truly a whirlwind experience and I won’t be able to give it to you entirely in chronological order.  It comes back to me in surges, scenes crystallizing out of the background of kaleidoscope colors.

To set the scene, the flirting between roxy and I on twitter had been amped up to a fever pitch, but it didn’t match what was going on behind the scenes, out of the public eye.  There were so many things we wanted to do for each other, with each other, to each other, that there was no way it would all happen.  There’s only so much time and she had this ridiculous notion we’d have to spend some of it sleeping.  We had about 20 hours but a lifetime of experiences we wanted to share.

Whether due to arrogance or naivety, I had every confidence that our time together would be mutually enjoyable, I even hazarded a promise to her that it would be ‘awesome’ and ‘fantastic’.  In reality, however, there was every chance that we would meet, maybe have an OK time, but see no fireworks.  What if we actually turned each other off?  But I never considered that a possibility, can’t tell you how, but I knew that by the time we parted on Sunday, we’d be wanting more.

I was striding through the baggage area when my phone rang, she was on the ground, taxiing toward the terminal.  My heart started beating double-time as I quickened my pace and headed for the escalator that would take me up toward her.  There were the security doors, there were people walking down the hallway and folks standing around me watching eagerly for their loved ones.  I leaned against a pillar and waited, but not for long.  I saw her before she saw me.  She was fussing with something in her bag, not looking at me.  Her skirt was short, her black tank top was revealing and she had tall sexy boots on.  When she looked up and saw me, her smile was incandescent.  She locked eyes with me and weaved through the thinning crowd until she was through the security doors.  I stayed where I was, remembering that she wanted to snap a shot of me waiting for her.  She started rushing to me, then stopped as she remembered too, pulling her camera from the bag on her shoulder.

Seconds later, she was in my arms and I got a quick look into her eyes before we kissed.  It was a short kiss, followed by a deep hug.  Mmmmm, she smelled good, felt amazing.  We started walking, holding hands, on our way to baggage.  We talked, giggled, smiled hugely, our eyes not leaving each others for long.  She seemed a bit dazed, flying is not her favorite thing, so I directed her to the correct baggage carousel and fetched her very heavy bag.  Heavy and filled with toys that she’d been telling me about for weeks.

emergencyWe made our way to the parking lot, where my truck awaited.  We held hands and stopped frequently to kiss, just like two kids in love.  She was bouncy, excited and I was feeling steady, excited but calm and grinning like a fool.  There certainly wasn’t any chemistry problem between us.  The deep kisses we’d already had were proof of that.

After hefting her luggage into the truck bed, and unlocking the truck, we both got in.  I took off my hat, placing it on the dashboard along with my keys.  I turned to her, slid my arm around her shoulders and delivered a kiss I hoped would do all the talking for me.  We both groaned as our lips and tongues worked together, finding our way around new territory.  I slid a hand up her thigh, aiming for that place under her skirt and between her legs.  Her legs widened as did her eyes as she felt my hand on her.  My fingers found their way under her panties and I stroked her wetness.  Our kiss became deeper then she suddenly pushed back, thrusting me away from her.  I was surprised, worried at first but the look on her face set me at ease.  It was a look I’d become familiar with, that of someone whose hunger has reached the point of no return.  She wasn’t pushing me away, she was working toward a new position.  She unhooked her seat belt (I hadn’t bothered with mine) and worked her way onto my lap.  No small feat to straddle me with the steering wheel in the way.  She took my face in both hands and I reached around her waist to grab her ass.  She pulled my shirt open in a quick motion, luckily it was fastened with snaps and not buttons.  We kissed as she worked herself against me, against the bulge I’d packed for her.  The space was too tight, though, and after a few moments she pulled back with a frustrated growl.

“Ok, move over into the other seat!  There isn’t enough room here.”

I did as she asked with a grin and she repositioned herself, starting again.  I loved seeing the heat in her, her hunger matching mine.  Her body felt so good against me, pressing her weight against my dick, pushing and rubbing.  Damn it felt good, but it was still an awkward space.  We were also aware of other people moving around the parking lot, toward their cars.  The windows were steamed and I’m sure the truck was rocking.  We stopped our frantic grinding and looked at each other, smiling and laughing.  “This isn’t going to work”, she said disappointed.

“That’s ok, baby, let’s go to the hotel.”

drivinWe got ourselves back into correct positions for driving and I wiped the steam off the windows, giving her a kiss on the way over to her side.  That delayed things a bit as the kiss turned into more making out and groping.  Somehow we managed to pull ourselves out of that spin long enough to level out and decide to continue to the hotel.

handonthighI’d already checked in, wanting to take care of those details before bringing her to our room.  Part of my motivation was practical:  my front seat was full of my stuff, so I needed to make space for her.  But also, I wanted to set the tone:  I was taking care of the messy details.  All she had to do was be beautiful and willing, I would make sure stuff happened when it needed to.  The whole time we were together, she let me be gallant for her, opening doors and offering my hand as she stood up.  She graciously accepted my butch chivalry knowing how much I enjoy bestowing those favors.  And that’s not natural for her, she was making a conscious choice for me, since normally she’s the kind of woman who opens her own doors and strides confidently through them.

I swept her through the lobby, to the elevator where we lunged at each other again.  Down the hall and around the corner to our fairly private room, sharing one wall with the stairwell.  Now right about here is where I start to have a hard time remembering things in proper order.   I planned to take her to a nice dinner and then out dancing.  But it was still early, plenty of time for us to get to know each other better.

your hands, soft warm, firmly gripping my hair, roots straining, your lips on my ear, whispering evil intentions, with love, so much warm wonderful love

This will be continued….


photo credits:  first photo by Kyle, all others by roxy

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