When Kyle met Roxy, part 2

Where we last left off, our hero and heroine were finally within the cozy confines of a hotel room near Seatac airport.  The hero wrestled with the heroine’s heavy luggage, and the heroine wrestled with which toys to use first on the hero.

We had plenty of time to get to know each other more intimately, before going to dinner and dancing, but what to do?  There were so many options open to us.  We’d talked about all the possibilities and teased each other endlessly over the past couple of months.  We knew BDSM was going to play a part in our time together, that was a natural choice considering roxy’s experience and abundance of toys she had packed for that purpose.  She had promised to bring a collar for me to wear and I promised to be a bad puppy.

After arriving in our room, we’d bled off the first rush of sexual tension by exploring each other and figuring out where all the buttons were and what they each did.  Even with my experience with female anatomy, each woman is a new world unto herself, and exploration is mandatory.  Once we’d caught our breath again, she got excited about the toys she’d brought with her, so we opened up her suitcase and had some show and tell time.  A crop, a wonderful flogger, a heavy metal paddle, a ping pong paddle, a collar and various clamps were among the goodies pulled out and examined.


She showed me the collar, blue with spikes.  I grinned my best shit-eating grin and nodded.  She moved behind me,  slipping it around my neck.  “Looks good, baby” she murmured.  “How about these?”  She was holding up two wrist cuffs, running them along my arms to show me how soft and fuzzy they were on the inside.  I held out my wrists for her.  She fastened them on, telling me how gorgeous I looked.  Her look hardened a little as she told me to lean over and put my hands on the bed.  Next she pulled out alligator clamps and expertly clipped my nipples, tugging a little on the chain.  “Sssssssss… ” was my response.  She liked that so much, out came two more clamps and she got them in position quickly.

She moved me around a bit, arranging for another picture.


She ran her flogger across my back, making me shiver deliciously in anticipation.  Then she told me to count to 7 as the flogger made impact.   I loved the way she worked my back and ass with that thing, loved the thuddiness of it and the sting.   At some point she pulled the clamps off my nipples, quickly, abruptly, eliciting a bitter string of curse words I could not control.  Which of course earned me more flogging <g>.

She worked some color into my flesh, all the while telling me how good and sexy I was.. can’t match that feeling for anything.  Her hands were warm and firm and she’s got a great swing.  She told me to stay in position, leaning over the bed, my cuffed hands flat on the bedspread, my ass in the air.  I kept my ass in place, wiggling it invitingly whenever she paused.  I did fine with the counting for two or three rounds, but then something happened..   something distracted me and I lost track.   When I miscounted, I got my hair grabbed and an extra hard swing.  Thud.. Thud.. Thud.. Thud.. Thud.. Thud.. THWAP!!   Oh yes.. I enjoyed it so much, I got wetter and wetter by the moment.

She paused, and I lasciviously waggled and asked for more.  I heard her rummaging in her bag, she pulled out the thick metal paddle she’d shown me earlier, a hard, flat, metal bar with no give whatsoever.  She asked if I was ready, if I wanted it.  She laid it against my flesh and I gasped.

“It’s cold isn’t it?  Nice and cold from being on the plane.”


“What was that?  Do you want this or not?”

“Yes, ma’am, I want it. Please…”

Smack! A test swing, forcing an “Ooomfhuck” out of me.  But I stayed in position and gave her my best challenging grin.  “You want more, boy?”

“Yes, ma’am.. more please,”  I said with a growl.

Smack, Smack .. I couldn’t take as much from that metal paddle… I gave in, whimpering a little, and she let me collapse on the bed.  She stroked my body, murmured wonderful soothing things that I don’t completely remember.  We didn’t get to the crop or the ping pong paddle.. she examined my rosy backside and decided I’d had enough.  Honestly, I wasn’t the best judge at that point, having falling into a happy place of adrenaline and warmth.  She stretched me out on the bed, soothed me with her warm, wonderful hands and her blazing kisses, telling me how good and wonderful and sexy I was.. again, can there be anything better than that moment?  When you feel the appreciation of your lover, the admiration and love?

She took advantage of me, roxy did, while I was still high in happy subspace.   Running her hands over my body, arousing my my mind, waking up a part of my body that had been waiting patiently.   She slid her hand between my legs and exclaimed about how wet I was.

“I told you that it turned me on, a lot,”  my purr turned into a growl of anticipation.

Her hands pressed against me and into me.  I opened up for her, literally, wanting nothing more than for her to fill me up, to dive in and find that place, that place that flips the switch for me.  I wanted to be taken, taken by her, owned by her.  After our extensive tutoring session earlier, she knew how, she’d picked up the technique very quickly, prompting me to award her a g-spot proficiency badge without hesitation.

Yeah, she knows how… how to strip away my defenses, peel back the layers and open me up.  I wanted nothing more than to be her woman, her slut, her open whole needing to be filled.  She worked me into a frenzy, my hips bucking wildly, my hands clutching anything within reach: pillow, headboard, sheets, an arm, a leg.  My voice rose and fell in something like an operatic howl, intermixed with a yodel.

Finally my body settled a bit, my vision cleared and I came back to myself.  She pulled her hand out from my clenched thighs, shaking it.  “I think you broke my hand, love,”  She said, only partly joking.

“Mmmmmm, baby, come here, let me kiss you and make it better,” I reached down and pulled her onto me, loving the feeling of her body pressing into mine.  Her lush, curvy, wonderful body.  The kissing inspired my hands to wander down and across her body.  She moaned and her hips began to move her mound against mine, our kissing getting deeper and more aggressive.  I shifted my weight and put my thigh between her legs, knee bent and muscle flexed.  She groaned more loudly, “Yes, baby…” and began to work herself against my leg.  Her moans and gasps turned into her own unique song of approaching orgasm.  I flexed my muscle in time with her thrusts and it wasn’t long before we’d reached our destination.  She slowed down, ground harder, jerked against me and cried out her pleasure.

She settled into my arms as I kissed and petted her.  It was my turn to tell her how wonderful, beautiful and good she was.  I can’t be relied on to tell you how long we lay there in that happy glowing warmth.  But I’m pretty sure my stomach growled at some point and made me aware that time had passed and we still hadn’t gone to dinner.


In part three:  we actually go to dinner and dancing!

Photo credits:  all photos by roxy

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