Microfantasy Monday, week 16: Waterside

 This week’s Microfantasy Monday theme is ‘the waterside’, thanks, Ang!

 We’re sitting on a park bench just off the boardwalk, tucked into an alcove surrounded by a landscaped berm, the bushes and tall ornamental grasses mostly shielding us from view.  You’re sitting across my lap, your skirt dangerously short, my hand casually draped so that my fingers dangle across your inner thigh. 

The wet sound of water lapping the shore nearby echoes the sound my fingers are making as they enter and retreat from your slippery cunt.  I match the rhythm of those waves, and you cling to me, as if my shoulders are an anchor preventing you from washing away with the retreating tide.  The voices of other nighttime strollers reaches us, they’ll walk past our position soon.   A boat motors slowly by, the sound masking your cries as I pump faster and harder, bringing on your shuddering climax just as another couple rounds the corner of the pathway.

You bury your face in my neck, gasping and struggling to catch your breath.  The other couple walks quickly past, with a quick, envious backward glance.


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8 Responses to Microfantasy Monday, week 16: Waterside

  1. Dragon Mage says:

    Oo, nice. I love the mostly hidden, yet still exposed bit. ^_^

  2. sxychikadee says:

    Awesome story. Something I should try I do believe. 🙂

  3. Miss Honey says:

    Oh, nicely told love the building passion and tension.

  4. vanimp says:

    Oh nom nom nom, I love it when someone appears shortly after hehe trying to hide the blush in one’s cheeks. x

  5. Jade says:

    Very nice! I hate that I keep missing out on MfM…I need to be better organized, obviously.

  6. Dracona says:

    mmm…the possibility of getting caught is so exciting, just add water and I’m there!

  7. saintchick says:

    def true story!?

  8. jaz says:

    this is a true story…i remember the warm night, my short skirt as i sat on your lap with people walking by in the distance…we’ve had some very hot moments in our times together.

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