Microfantasy Monday, week 15 : Flowers

From the birthplace of Microfantasy Monday comes this week’s theme:  Flowers

The sun was high in the sky, reducing shadows to a minimum.   Heat had been collecting on the top of my head producing copious amounts of sweat that ran freely down the back of my neck, across my face and into my eyes.  I kept putting off taking a break, wanting to get just one more thing done.  I ran the back of my glove across my forehead, smearing dirt and sweat in a pretty unsatisfying way.  I squatted there, next to my flower bed, enjoying the randomish array of petunias, pansies and other annuals.  Just as I was about to push myself up and go for the hose, I heard the back door open.

“Come over here in the shade, hon, I’ve got a cold drink for you.”

Like an angel or a mirage, my love led me to sit down on a shady bench at the back of the house.  “You’ve been working hard, it looks great out here.”

I gratefully took the drink, closed my eyes and tilted my head back, feeling the cool liquid slide down my throat.  I drained half the glass before setting it down again,”Thanks, honey, that’s wonderful.”  I closed my eyes and leaned back.  I heard the chink-clink of ice against glass, figuring she was taking a sip for herself, until I felt a drizzle of cold liquid slither down my neck and under my shirt.  I sat up with a start, opening my eyes to see her grinning wickedly at me, ice cube in hand.

I simply smiled in response, leaning back again.  She reached over, lifting my t-shirt with one hand, the other slipping under it with the ice cube.

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