Love Bites…

I’ve got a bruise on my breast, a souvenir from Jaz, a reminder of the love bite she gave me not long ago.  It’s fading fast, but each time I see it, I remember not just the bite, but what happened before, during and after.


She tugged at my shirt, pushing my bra up, out of the way, then leaned down to take a nipple into her mouth.  I leaned back on the couch and sighed happily.  She worked her tongue around and over that rapidly hardening bit of flesh, pulling lightly with her lips.  She worked more of my tit into her mouth, the suction and tongue action driving me crazy.  I could feel myself becoming wetter, moisture beginning to trickle out and down.  I was moaning, my hips were bucking and her head was bobbing.

She sat back to unfasten my jeans.  This is a ritualistic moment for us.  She looks me in the eye, hers narrowing with lust and power, unbuckling, unbuttoning, unzipping me.  If I reached down to do it myself, she’d slap my hands away.  This is something she enjoys, having the power and freedom to expose me, invade me.  I scootched down farther on the sofa and lifted my ass up to help her get my jeans off, then she yanked them the rest of the way down, roughly, emphasizing her control.

Placing one hand on my hip, she reached up with the other and grabbed my breast again, squeezing me hard and making me gasp in pain and pleasure.  Lowering her head to my chest, she began to suck and chew and lick me until I was writhing in an agony of desire.  She worked each breast equally, looking up to watch my face contort, smiling as I gasped for breath and moaned her name.

“Oh god babybaby, god, yes, that feels so good,” She slipped a hand between my legs, testing my wetness, making my hips jerk.   I tried to impale myself on her fingers, but she pushed me back.

“Baby.. “  I growled this in a warning tone, not sure how much more I could take, already on the edge of orgasm just from her ministrations to my breasts.

“Ha ha.. who’s in charge here?” She said it a bit sternly, she had me right where she wanted me and knew it.  I was too far gone to argue, I just wanted to be fucked, I needed to be fucked, I wasn’t going to do anything to slow her down.

I laid back, one hand gripping the couch cushion, one grabbing her by the scruff or gripping her shoulders and neck, while she continued to work my nipples and slide her fingers across and around my hard, fat clit.  I’m not sure how much time passed, but suddenly she was inside me, thrusting and rubbing.  My whole body went rigid, lifting up off the couch, and a keening moan erupted from me.

My hips were pumping, both hands pulling on couch cushions, my back arching.  She took the flesh on my chest between her teeth and began chewing and sucking, harder than before, growling at me through her teeth as she struggled to stay in control.  She wanted to fuck me, but I was trying like crazy to fuck her, a little out of my mind with the need to be filled.  The pain of her bite began to register and I sucked in my breath, screaming out a mixture of orgasm and pain as she took control again and I gave myself to her.

I come long and hard and loud and in the end we were both sweating and panting, and grinning hugely.  She sat next to me, kissing me, petting my sweaty head.  I babbled happily in my post-orgasm haze and kissed anything within reach.   My mental fog began to clear and I looked down and saw the dark, angry mark she’d left on my very pale breast.  “Whoa”  was all I could manage at the moment.

She looked at the bite mark as well, “Oh, wow, honey.. that’s uh.. hmmm..” Her voice trailed off and she smiled a mischievous smile.

“You like doing that don’t you?  You like marking me.  You trying to send a message?”  My voice rode the line between feigned anger and laughter.  My eyes smile but my mouth did not.

“Yessss, I do, I want to mark you, you’re mine!” she said defiantly, standing up “.. does that make me bad,” and then the look on her face –  hopeful, defiant, challenging — made my mouth twitch into a half-smile.  Oh, yes.. I like this game.

“Are you bad?  Are you a bad girl?”

“Yes, I’m such a bad girl, I want to keep you all to myself.. I don’t want to share!”  There wasn’t a shred of remorse in her voice.  She doesn’t want to share, but knows she must.  She stood there with her hands on her hips, her bare hips, framing her perfectly sexy pussy.

I grabbed her forcefully by those hips and turned her 90 degrees.  “What? …” She gasped, off balance, looking a little alarmed.  That turned me on even more.  I like to use my size and strength advantage with her, to take physical control of her body for my own pleasure.  I felt my butch cock twitch.

“You know what happens to bad girls? ” I say this with a smile on my mouth, but my eyes are expressing something else.

“Oh, god.”

“That’s right.  Over my knees, now!” I didn’t wait for her to respond, but yanked her down across my lap, she didn’t resist, but didn’t really help, either.  She’s light enough, I can easily lift and position her with brute force.. and the brutishness of my force that night caused small moans and whimpers to come out of her mouth.  I grabbed her hair by the scruff, and grabbed her ass, pulling it apart, squeezing and massaging it roughly.

“Oh, god, oh god, no no no… “  She knows this will only spur me on, it’s part of the game.  She wants my hand against her ass as much as I do, but she has to put up some resistance.  As it is, her resistance is feeble and normally I’d want more from her, but I didn’t care at that point, I raised my hand and struck her firmly.   She cried out as I continued, delivering several blows.  Her cries were beautiful and sexy  and inspiring.  I paused, massaging the hand marks into her pale ass, listening to her gasp and sob.

I lifted my hand again, delivering another set of open handed blows, spreading the impacts out across her ass, with a couple smacks to her upper thighs.  She squealed when I hit her there, but didn’t withdraw her ass, didn’t try to squirm away, didn’t ask me to stop.  I paused again, massaging and stroking the firey red marks I’d created.  My left hand slid under her, gripping her belly just above her pubic bone.  I reached between her legs with my other hand, fingering her wetness.  It was her turn to moan, squirm and attempt to push herself onto my fingers.  I withdrew my right hand, striking her ass four more times.  Then she sobbed in earnest, babbling her apology, telling me how much she loved me and how much she wanted to be a good girl for me.

“Baby, you are a good girl, you took your punshment very, very well.  I’m proud of you.  I pushed her hair out of her face, and stroked her chin.  Tears and sweat streaked her face.  Her eyes were huge and full of love.  I leaned over to kiss her hot, red bottom.  As I continued to kiss and lightly grab her with my teeth, she began to moan again.  I shifted her weight to put her at a different angle on my lap, to position myself between her legs.  I spread her cheeks apart, exposing her lewdly, before I lowered my face and licked and nibbled all along the outside, finally tunneling into her with my tongue.

Her moans were beautiful.  She cried out softly at first, then began growling as the need built up in her.   I ran my forefinger from her sopping wet pussy to her saliva soaked pucker. “Ohgodyes, godpleasebaby, yes.. yess.. “  her encouragement turned to begging.  She wanted to be fucked so badly and I wanted to be inside her, but the moments before I entered her were too precious to rush.  I teased her, running my finger across her anus and then around the inside rim, my finger drawing an increasingly wide circle as she opened up for me.

I plunged in suddenly, then drew my finger out with excruciating slowness.  Her cry of pleasure came out in an inarticulate stream,”oohhbaby godyesfuckme, godbabyyessssssssssssssssss.”

I love being inside her, the way she feels, the way her muscles clutch and guide me.  Her pussy, with its variety of textures, the countless surfaces to stroke.  Her ass, smooth and slippery and always inviting.

I fucked her hard and slow, then increased the speed and got rougher with her.  I slid my left hand under, between her legs, gripping her slippery clit as well as I could, considering the way she was bucking her hips.  I knew she could take more than one finger, easily, but I was working for quality over quantity that night.  I stroked and pulled, and pushed.  I worked her ass and clit like  two musical instruments in a duet.  She came hard and long and loud and collapsed across my lap.  I slid out of her, cleaned us both off with my handy wet wipes and rolled her over, pulling her onto my lap.  Wrapping us both in a blanket, I held her close to me, kissing her deeply.  For endless moments, we held each other, kissing and murmering to each other happily.  I remember how much I enjoyed just looking at her face, enjoying the blissed out look she had, the little, half-asleep smile, the way her eyes shone.

She glanced at my breast again, the bite mark standing out in stark contrast and purpling already.  She looked at me with apologetic eyes, but I wasn’t having any of that.

“You meant it at the time, right?”  She nodded.  I gripped her ass suddenly, causing her to gasp, “Well, so did I.”  She nodded again, smiling that lusty, happy, naughty smile I love so much.

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