It’s Friday the 13th.. but at least it’s Friday

It’s Friday the 13th, day before Valentine’s Day, end of the week, thank goodness.  I wanted to catch you all up on a couple of cool things that happened this week that you might not be aware of.

My story “The Dangers of Skype Sex” was reprinted on the Skype Journal for Valentine’s Day.  Thanks to Phil Wolff for spreading the Butchtastic love.

Another of my posts, “Don’t Fence Me In: thoughts on autonomy and freedom in sexuality and gender” was reprinted on the Tabu Toys Sex forum.   Thanks to Christina for making that happen.

Tonight I’ll be on a date with my lovely Jaz.  It’s been a while since we had serious quality time and we’re both ready for it.  The whole weekend should be nice, with Monday off.  On Sunday a student from our local liberal arts college will be coming to the house to interview my wife and I for her oral history project.  I can’t tell you how many times we’ve participated in projects like that.  We’re veterans. 

I have some projects to work on around the house, and I love to putter so I’m looking forward to it.  I also need to do blog work.  I have part 3 of the Kyle and Roxy story to write (where we finally go to dinner and dancing).  I’m writing something for BestSexBloggers (yes, Diva, I will finish it this weekend).  I also am horribly behind on updating my blog list.. and should probably page that out cuz it’s getting hella long. 

To close out this grab bag of a post, here are some of the top search strings leading to this blog as compiled by Google:

  • Skype Sex (not surprising)
  • Anal (woohoo!)
  • Jaguar Harness
  • Chunky Nipples (heh, heh)

farther down the list..

  • sex toys geewhiz better boys (um, ok)
  • beads in my ass (well, of course)
  • vintage sex (hey! I’m not that old)

For the first time in months, Google Reader has edged out Uncommon Curiousity as my top referrer.  Fleshbot shows up because of my recent fleshbotting for “When Kyle Met roxy“.  Skype Journal is showing up now, not surprisingly.

Yeah, so I guess that’s it for now.  Happy Friday the 13th, my friends.  If you are celebrating Valentines Day with someone, I wish you a most excellent time.  If you’re not, consider being your own Valentine, treat yourself to a good meal, a long soak in the tub or whatever it is that makes you happy in your skin.  We can always benefit from more self-love.

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