Half-Nekkid Thursday : mirrored


Another picture from roxy‘s visit with me.  One thing I really wanted her to experience was getting a blowjob.  She’d given plenty, but never received one.  I’d done both, and knew how good it felt to be on the receiving end.  I knew I could do it in a way that she would feel, and hopefully appreciate.

I was well into it when she reached over and grabbed her camera.  Once I had my mouth back on her cock, she snapped several pictures, exclaiming over the cool image she was seeing in the mirror.  Yeah, I know, how was she able to have the presence of mind to take pictures while I was sucking her cock?  I have no idea.. she’s some kind of superhuman.

At any rate, the picture is cool and she’s hot.  And I don’t look too bad either.  Maybe it’s the blur.

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Photo credit to roxy

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