Reviewing Spartacus Alligator Nipple Clamps

I wanted to try out the Spartacus Alligator Nipple Clamps from Babeland because I really like nipple play and I was curious about how much mine would be tested by this particular apparatus.  I worked with these clamps a couple of different times, the first time with a partner.

Product Features: rubber-tipped grips, side screws for adjusting the tension, and a thick, silver metal chain connecting the two clamps.

My partner tried them first, she has smaller, more sensitive nipples and the ability to adjust the tension on them really helped her feel comfortable putting them on.  These clamps aren’t too expensive and because they can be adjusted to the point where they hardly grip at all, these are great for beginners.  She was damned sexy with that chain swinging across her chest.  The chain can be tugged by the wearer or a partner, and they weigh enough that even having gravity’s pull is effective for heightening the sensation.

My nipples are chunky, not small and delicate like my partner’s.  I jokingly refer to them as baby knuckles.  I adjusted and adjusted, tried them on, had them fall off, adjusted some more.  I had a devil of a time keeping one on my left nipple, my more stubborn nipple, apparently.  I was able to get them to stay on for a while, and even move around a bit, but they didn’t bite very hard, not nearly hard enough.

I worked with them on my own another night, and finally got them adjusted to the point that they’d open wide enough to grab my nipple, allow me to tighten them enough to keep the grip and pinch me tightly enough to get a reaction.  It started slow, like a low flame, but built up nicely until I was grimacing in pain.  And I could move around without the damned things falling off.  It took a lot of work and futzing around, though, and that was frustrating.  If I was switching back and forth with a partner, all of that time spent getting them back on my nipples would probably break the mood.   You’re supposed to be able to adjust these with one hand, which probably works well if they have a good grip on the nipple, but if you have chunky, baby-knuckle nipples like me, it’s not so easy.  I did find that having the grips come into my nipple head-on was more effective than from below.. but beware that they will twist your nipple down in response to gravity.  Which is actually not bad, if you like that sort of thing.


  • adjustable pressure, great for beginners
  • attractive.. chain is heavy enough to pull nicely, and looks good, too
  • price is low, so getting them to experiment with won’t set you back too far
  • fun to use with a partner, connect one end to each of you and dance!


  • not easy to keep clamped on a chunky nipple like mine, grip area is small, lots of adjusting necessary before you can start to play with them

Girlfriend gives them 4 boots, they fit her nipples very nicely and were adjustable to her comfort level.
I give them 2.5 boots, one of them kept slipping off and the clamp surface area isn’t long enough to really contain my nipples. Hard to stay in the mood with all that fiddling around.   Resulting rating is 3 boots of 5.


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