Reviewing Maui Silicone Anal Beads

Tabu Toys contacted me before the holidays, asking if I’d like to review sex toys for them.  I said yes and they sent me a list of candidate toys.  When I saw the list, my eyes lit up.


The words “anal beads” cause my internal 14 year old boy to giggle nervously and worry about the potential tenting in his jeans.  My slightly more mature self smiles appreciatively with no less potential for tenting. I’m a fan of buttsex, giving and receiving, so the chance to put a string of graduated silicon beads into my butt was something I couldn’t pass up.  On a recent date night, my girlfriend, Jaz, and I got a chance to play with these and had a lot of fun.  A lot. Of. Fun.

Along with the Beads themselves, Tabu included some Moist Anal Lube and “Bottoms Up” Booty Wipes, complementary for me as a reviewer.  The Lube is great, a little thinner than standard lube, but worked great.  However, the wipes were not to my liking.  They had a very strong scent and that’s not something I want to wipe on body parts I might taste later.  Just sayin.  For tasty bodyparts, wipe with regular wet wipes.  And I highly suggest you get some wet wipes (or diaper wipes, same diff), cuz they’re really useful in the bedroom or the living room or the kitchen or the car.

Back to the fun, shall we?  Jaz got herself into a comfortable, all-fours position and I lubed up the beads.  I prepared my partner manually a little bit, not cuz I had to — the initial bead is very small — but because I wanted to.  I found that pushing beads into someone’s butt is just as much fun as I thought it would be and they get bigger and bigger.  I pushed each larger bead in, watching her hot ass pull it in greedily, and her moans got louder and deeper.  Once I got midway, I pushed one in and pulled it out.. oh, her moans were beautiful.. and pushed it in again.  I repeated that until we got to the largest one, which she took easily. Once they were in, and she was squirming so enticingly, that I decided to keep the fun going.  I slid my fingers inside her and felt the beads through that thin wall of flesh.  I rubbed on them each in turn, and her squirming became thrusting.  I think it’s safe to say that the Maui Anal Beads enhanced her sexual experience, just make sure to use anal lube from

Then it was my turn.  Ooohh.. the sensation of those beads, each one a little bigger, was excellent.  Jaz was surprised that I could take even the largest one without much trouble.  She also reached inside my pussy to see how the beads felt from that side and she helped me achieve more than one very bed-frame rattling orgasm.

Some useful product information:   The Maui Silicone Anal Beads are made of 100% silicone, with 10 beads of graduated size connected by flexible silicone and ending in a removal ring which the website points out can be used as a “great orgasm and experience enhancer.”  The silicone is easy to clean and warms to the touch.  The only drawback is that it’s hot pink.. seriously, I had Barbie’s butt beads up my ass.  Current price on the website is $15.25, fairly affordable and worth it in my opinion.

In case you’re interested in the Moist Anal Lube, it’s also for sale at Tabu and comes with a spray dispenser.. imagine spraying lube as needed.  As for the Booty Wipes, honestly, I’d pass, even though it says they have a “fresh scent and lidocaine to gently numb and prepare the derriere.”  I did not find the scent fresh or lickable, and didn’t want or need to be numbed.

I reall don’t have anything negative about these fun beads.  Ok, maybe they would  be cooler if they came in black or dark purple, but once they are fully inserted.. I really didn’t care what color they were.

That’s why the only reason they got less than 5 boots is because they’d be just a little more fun with one more, slightly larger bead.  Rated at 4.5 boots.



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