our not so secret courtship..

As many of you know, Roxy and I have been getting each other hot and bothered for a few months now.  What started on Twitter, with harmless flirting, has turned into something more serious.  We’d mostly managed to keep  it on the down low until we read about the Sugarbutch GoodDykePorn give away contest and left these comments:

My sexual goal for 2009 is to show Roxy (http://uncommoncuriosity.blogspot.com/) what it’s like to be sexually satisfied by an experienced butch, a pleasure that has eluded her thus far in her life. I’ll take her out for dinner and dancing and then romance her into a state of bliss. And then we’ll both blog about it.

my goal for 2009? Simply to know what it feels like to kiss Kyle (http://www.butchtastic.net/) long and deep, one hand wrapped around the back of his neck to keep from swooning and the other hand lustily grabbing his ass as i grind down along his thigh while we rock and sway together to the Blues…

which did not go unnoticed:

perhaps this is generic, but i really want to be tied up and fucked. we’ve been working towards this so i’m optimistic that it will happen.

also, i find it kind of hilarious that roxy and kyle have some foreplay going in this comment section 😉

Now, it could have stayed there, in the realm of cyber-flirting and cyber-other things… but it didn’t.  We found ourselves truly attracted, a bit smitten and wanting to have conversations outside the 140 character Twitter limit.  Once we started chatting without limit, we found out that we really liked each other, that there were plenty of similarities and intriguing differences between us to form the basis of friendship, and maybe more.  Somewhere in those first feverish IM chats an idea formed, one that captured our imaginations and libidos.  We decided that our sexual goals, as stated in Sugarbutch, should be realized.

She booked a plane ticket, I booked a room.  Things got hotter, sometimes too hot.  Feet didn’t actually get cold, but they occasionally grew cool, but we always warmed each other back up.  We’ve spent hours talking online and on the phone.  We’ve had some very satisfying and hot webcam sessions, sometimes including MrRoxy.  I do feel like I know her very well but I’ve yet to touch her, to kiss her.

She’s very sexy and dirty-minded in the way that really turns me on.  And as much as she’s got the tits and the hair and the California surfer girl thing going on, what really gets me is that brain of hers.  I love brains, almost as much as zombies do.  And her brains are very deliciously attractive.  She’s way wicked-smart and challenges me with the things she knows about a wide variety of subjects.  She also challenges me with the things she’s figured out about me already.

There are so many things we want to do together and to each other that there is no way the time we have can contain them all.  I will take her to dinner and dancing and romance her in the best butch way I know how.  She will open her bag of tricks and use some of them on me.  There won’t be enough time, that’s clear to both of us, but the time we have will be wonderful.

We are both very excited about that first real-world sighting, that first touch and first kiss.  We’re both a little obsessed speculating on it, actually.  I know just where I’ll be waiting for her in Seatac, but will I manage to stay calm and cool, and hold my butch lean until she reaches me?  Or will I rush forward at the first sight of her and stumble, trip and fall at her feet in an ungainly and uncool pile?  Will I be able to breathe as I reach for her, run my hand across the side of her face and bury my fingers in her hair?  Will my heart beat out of my chest and bounce along the floor as I lean in for that first kiss?

I’ll know the answer to those and many more questions in 10 days.

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