Microfantasy Monday, Week 12 : liquid

The theme this week is Liquid.   Thank you, SwelteringCelt, for keeping Microfantasy Monday’s going


The heat was taking its toll on the girls, too.  The girl who lived next door, the blond with a gymnast’s body and moves like a stripper, got up and walked to the side of the patio with a small towel.  She turned on the spigot and drenched the towel.  She walked slowly back to her perch, the roll of her hips causing a tell-tale tightening between my legs.  She stopped, said something to her friend, who laughed, and then lifted the towel over her head, squeezing the water out of it.  I watched that cold water hit her head, run down across her face, sluice its way between and across her breasts, hardening her nipples.  She shivered and giggled, her tits bouncing.  The towel then made its way across the back of her neck and down until she reached her bikini bottoms.  She slid the towel across her ass, and between her legs, then gave her pussy a squeeze, to the delight of her friend, who laughed again.


This is an excerpt from a longer piece I’m working on.  This paragraph fit the theme so well, I don’t mind sharing it early.

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