Microfantasy Monday, week 11: Furniture

This week’s theme is ‘Furniture’ .. big thank you to the SwelteringCelt.

She’s blindfolded me and bound my hands behind my back.

When she met me at her door, she had a very devious and playful look in her eyes.  She allowed me to pin her to the wall and smother her with deep kisses, all the while massaging me between the legs until my butch cock was straining at it’s leash.  Abruptly, she pushed me back and told me to drop to my knees.  Seeing the look in her eyes and curious where this would lead, I complied.  With the blindfold tightened and my arms bound behind me, she pulled me up and roughly pushed me forward into her living room.

My knee bumped against something, that old arm chair she keeps in the corner?  She continued to push me forward and when I hesitated she pushed me again,”Get up on it. Now!”  I tried to climb into the seat but she wrenched me over to the side, positioning my body so that I was straddling the arm of the chair.

“Get down on it” she firmly ordered, pushing down on my shoulders. Soon my crotch was resting against the firm cushion, putting a not unpleasant pressure on my clit.  “Now, you’re gonna rub it out, right here, on this chair, while I watch, do you understand?”

I thought about resisting for a second but my cock protested, I wanted to get off and knew there was no hope of anything else until I followed her orders.  I started to rub myself, awkwardly and hesitantly, until I heard the click and whir of her camera.  Oh god, I thought, she’s documenting this moment where her butch humps a chair to get off.  Me hesitation turned to enthusiasm as my desire to please her, to perform for her, overpowered my pride.

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