Microfantasy Monday, Week 10 : Hair

The theme this week is Hair, thank you again SwelteringCelt


I have fairly short hair.  I like it this way, it’s easy to maintain, I can finger comb it after a bike ride or a run or a sweaty bout of sex.  I’ve had it cut progressively shorter over the past year, especially in the back.  This is all well and good for me, but my girlfriend has her own requirements with regard to my hair length:  it must be enough to grab. 

Jazzy checks my haircuts each time, sliding her hand from my shoulder, up my neck, grabbing a handful at the back of my head.  Last time, it was too short, there wasn’t enough to grab, so I offered the front of my head.  She reached up and grabbed my hair, giving me a good yank.  I could feel my face flush, my teeth grit into a snarl, a jolt of electricity going straight to my butch cock.  Yeah, the length in the front is perfect.

She used it on New Year’s Eve.  A song came on that we wanted to dance to.  I stood, stepped to the side so she could step past me.  In stride, she reached up and grabbed my hair, dragging me onto the dance floor after her.. oh, god, the feeling of her taking control like that was a huge turn on.  I caught the eye of a straight guy standing nearby, looking shocked, as she pulled me past him, shrugging and tossing him a grin as if to say “Yeah, dude, ain’t life grand?”

She grabs my hair when my face is buried between her legs, tongue ecstatically worshipping her pussy, nose against her clit.  She gets a handful, yanks on my head, driving me into her until I can barely breath, not caring, her need to have me merge with her greater than her concern for my survival. 

I’ll always make sure there’s enough to grab.

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